The emphasis on goal setting and goal realisation by Taiwan’s No. 1 Sales Coach Huang Jia Xing

Coach Huang Jia Xing, number one sales coach in Taiwan.
Last week, we had the privilege of speaking with Taiwan’s number one sales trainer – Coach Huang Jia Xing. The interview was done “LIVE” in front of more than 200 students from, Huang Jia Xing Academy – Taiwan. In the short but value packed session, he shares some of his most cherished insights when it comes to sales and personal development.

The charismatic founder and managing director of Taiwan’s leading sales training and personal development centre; Huang Jia Xing Academy, leads his team and speeches with great enthusiasm and style. Unafraid of defying traditions to bring his points across, he has earned the adoration of thousands throughout Taiwan. His classes, brimming with energy every time, are nothing short of concert style fervour.

Meet Coach Huang Jia xing; number one man in Taiwan when it comes to sales and personal development.

The team from F6 Global Media explores his 5 key teachings to “Goal Realisation”.

As explained by the coach himself, these FIVE aspects are the ultimate “KEYS” to success.

The emphasis on goal setting and goal realisation

Coach Huang: We emphasize a lot on goals because of the crucial role they play in creating success. There are fundamentally five key aspects when it comes to goal setting and realisation; network, time, action, subconscious activity and determination. Certain conditions have to be fulfilled for each of these aspects to fast-track your way to success.

The importance of network and relationships

Coach Huang: I’ve mentioned many times in my courses before that your network; personal and professional relationships, are one of the greatest resource you can ever have. Many times, to achieve a particular goal, especially a grand one, you need some form of support, directly or indirectly from others. The rate at which you achieve your dreams closely and generally correlates to the quality of your network. 

To be able to align a group of people towards common goals and collectively work towards them; that is something you should constantly be trying to achieve. It can prove to be a powerful factor in the long run. A successful person is someone who knows how to network, and turn that network into a resource.

Take time daily or whenever you can to get to know like-minded people. Generously mingle around and introduce yourself, of course, in a way that is non-intrusive. There are so many occasions where great plans and businesses are born from these small but consistent efforts. 

The importance of time management

Coach Huang: An important aspect of time management is the management of priorities. You must be sure of what you ultimately want to achieve, and decide what needs or need not be done. A better understanding of your priorities gives you a clearer picture of where your time should be allocated.

All of us is gifted with 24 hours a day. How you spend each and every day will decide where you stand in say, three or five years’ time. You must use your time and energy wisely.


Pic: Coach Huang places great emphasis on “goal realization”.

The importance of taking action

Coach Huang: I think for the greatest output, logically, is to the greatest action in the shortest time.

Many people lack action because of the fear of rejection. It could also be because he or she had taken massive action previously, but gotten negligible results. If we are to observe the most successful people in history, however, we can tell that many of them actually got to where they are because the action they have taken is way more than the average person’s.

In today’s highly competitive setting, the amount of action you take must be great enough to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to consistently work on your goals and plan every single day.

As mentioned before, these small but consistent efforts will amount to much greater things in the long run. Take Michael Phelps, for example; he won the most number of gold medals in Olympic history – 23 in total. He told himself, since the age of 15, that he’s willing to commit every single day of the year to training 3 to 5 hours a day. This continued 2000 over days. No rest days, absolutely not, because he thought if he were to rest a day per week, that would be 52 days per year. In 5 years that will amount to over 250 days.

If he spent these days continuing to take massive action, it is no rocket science knowing why his chances of winning and success are much greater than the average competitive swimmer.

The importance of subconscious activity

Coach Huang: I’ve always believed that the subconscious mind is 10,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. This means to say everyone has gotten to where they are today to a large extent dependent on their subconscious.

It is the system inside the brain that regulates how some people may, for example, create a fantastic piece of art in a matter of days, or play a beautiful violin piece on the international stage. These people have become so versed in their trade that it has become second nature to them. It becomes innate. Almost like an instinct.

My thought is that if a man is able to turn his mission of realising his goals into second nature or something innate, the chances of him achieving those goals increases multi-folds. Just like Michael Jordan; the moment he jumps and takes a shot, the chances of him scoring are way greater than the average player. It’s because that art of scoring has already become second nature to him.

The importance of determination

Coach Huang: We now know the importance of the subconscious mind. But a lot of us are unable to harness their powers. Why so? I think one major factor for many is the lack of determination. A person with determination will try his or her very best to achieve his or her goals. At 100% commitment; that’s where the subconscious mind is at. Anything below 100% will be at a conscious level.

For example, a salesperson may be able to sell 10 units of his products per day while the rest is only able to do so in a month. What propelled him to be able to accomplish such impressive feat? It really boils down to his determination; he has reached a level where he is able to leverage on his subconscious activity to accomplish way more. He is so committed to his cause that he was able to activate his subconscious mind and perform at peak levels.

Once a person is able to reach this peak state regularly, it will have become nature to him.

Coach Huang’s take on life

Coach Huang: Before I reached 30 years of age, my mind is just full of the word; success. Everything I did was towards career and monetary success. It wasn’t until age 30, however, that I realise there is something much more important than apparent success; and that is happiness.

Only when you have achieved happiness does it mean to achieve true success.

About Huang Jiaxin Academy

Coach Huang’s Academy employs an array of state of the art learning technologies and techniques to harness the best of an individual. Coach Huang believes that personal and professional success comes from within, taking great pride in assisting individuals discover their personal bests. Currently the number one sales and personal development trainer in Taiwan, he aims to bring his teachings global, becoming the best not just in the Chinese realm but also worldwide.

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