MetaGem Intelligent Gem: Make Technology the New Fashion

In recent years, scientific and fashion industries have been cooperating frequently. At the beginning of this year, HUAWEI launched a fashion smart watch, Huawei Watch Jewel on CES Exhibition in America together with SWAROVSKI; on Apples’ 2016 Fall Release Conference, the deluxe edition of Apple Watch 2 produced by Apple and Hermes was released.


    After intelligent wearing, some product types combining fashion and intelligence gradually rise and become the first option for global fashionable people pursuing for trends. These products also perform well on the market. The sales volume in 2015 of Apple Watch that has just been released for 18 months has reached the second largest global watch brand.


    In fact, not being patents of super brands, these products also do not require each brand company to invest resources and time for research, development or production. The adoption of intelligent gem may be the most fast and personalized scheme.


What is Intelligent Gem?

Intelligent gem is an innovative type of product launched by MetaGem Company, the first company that proposed the category of intelligent gem worldwide. MetaGem intelligent gem also has different colors, shapes and materials, though similar to traditional gems in the appearance. However, the difference is that it is embedded with digital chips inside, facilitating the gem realizing more futuristic functions: for example, various kinds of information alerts, remote control of TV, credit card payment as a credit card, personal identity verification through the gem’s communication module in the occasions requiring identification, motion amount tracking and heart rate monitoring, etc. All those scenes that seem to be found only in science fiction films can all be realized by MetaGem intelligent gem.


    MetaGem intelligent gem is a basic element for composition of fashion intelligent products. Like SWAROVSKI, designers and brand traders can give full paly to their design talent and combine intelligent gem onto any other things. For instance, it can be made into gem-set jewelry for stitching onto clothes or stuck to or embedded into cases, shoes and so on. The pretty accessories not only remain their usual decorative effect but also bring unprecedented functions to their owners with rich and interesting experience.



    Every practitioner in intelligent wearing industry knows that the development process of all the products requires product design, circuit design, software algorithm, engineering manufacturing, quality control, after-sales service and a series of professional process. Nevertheless, even under a mature system, the accomplishment of all the process need 4-9 months or even longer.

    In July, 2014, the fashion brand, Fossil, started to research and develop intelligent fashion bracelet. The product finally was launched in September, 2015 but surprisingly, the market did not buy it. The research and developing investment and market opportunity lasting one year ended awkwardly.


The scheme of MetaGem intelligent gem can shorten the whole research and development cycle into two weeks, so the cost and risk are greatly reduced.

According to a survey of World Economic Forum, 92.1% of the leaders of organizations believe that by 2025, there will be 10% of wearable device being connected to the Internet. BI, the famous American business advisory body, predicts that by 2018, the market size of intelligent wearable device will reach 12 billion dollars and there will be some new technology giant companies.


There is huge potential in intelligent fashion field, attracting global brand manufacturers of all kinds of traditional fashion to accelerate strategic allocation. However, there are not any great achievements in fashion products’ entry into technology circle or in technology giants’ entry into fashion field. The emergence of MetaGem intelligent gem may change the situation, offering an inspiring solution for global designers and brands.


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