Era of Empire: Show the world your talent in ruling another world

This year, PCL is bringing a new strategy massive multiplayer online (MMORTS) game “Era of Empire” (EoE), which lands with an exciting gameplay and outstanding artwork. Filled with intense battles and active tactics to be developed by the players the game will bring you back to the Middle Ages.

Era of Empire: Show the world your talent in ruling another world

EoE not only the core gameplay of any other real time strategy game, but also innovative features like dynamic battle animation, prisoners management, dungeons, etc. During its beta test, EoE received ~95% positive reviews and feedback evaluation. The beta testers are looking forward to its release. Besides, we prepared an aggressive marketing plan, since we expect EoE to be the next global smash hit.

The closed beta finished on September 6th. EoE’s Android version ( has been released on 14th September as the IOS version will be available a few months later. Stay tuned! Be one of the first to enter this amazing universe and immerse yourself in its fantasy gameplay before it’s too late!

EoE’s core gameplay resides in strategic decisions and resource management. Players have to build their own cities, manage resource production, train troops, form an alliance and attack the castle dominated by an evil dragon to recover their lost territory. As a king, the player must lead his troops to explore the surrounding areas and take as many resources as possible while simultaneously protecting the empire from being attacked by evil forces. Random monsters will attack your castle from time to time and you must be ready to protect it. Players can also team up with their allies to become stronger.

Do you like strategic war games? Have all of your friends already build their empires and fight the most thrilling battles? Then you should play EoE and start an amazing journey with your friends!

Era of Empire takes the best characteristics of a classic strategy game and adds its own features. All RTS fans will enjoy this unique mix! Here you can see some of EoE’s great features:

Key Features

1. Players can create alliances to attack the Dragon Castle

2. They can also expand their Territories and capture prisoners to strengthen their forces

3. The game’s Monster System provides an awesome gameplay experience

4. Full 3D graphics and dynamic battle animations will take players back to the middle Ages

EoE’s closed beta is near its end and we already consider it a great success. The game has caught great attention among the players. By that time, Proficient City set up a series of quest as guides to help the players catch up with the game and also sent in-game rewards. PLC will also reward its loyal player as gratitude for they their support.

September 14th, 2016 – Join in battles and build up a brand new Empire and Troops in Proficient City’s Era of Empire, a new 3D mobile game, bringing you back to the Middle Ages! More detailed information, please visit Era of Empire Official Website.

Pricing & Availability

Era of Empire is free-to-play and will be launched for Android in early September, it will be available for iOS a few months later as well.

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