Chinese college students decode Zhejiang entrepreneurs’ startup secrets

From July 2016, students from School of Finance of Wenzhou Business College, Zhejiang, China, have spontaneously organized “ten hundred thousand” startup survey summer social practice team to make investigation on university students’ innovative undertaking in Zhejiang China. Ten members’ team has investigated hundreds of emprises an acquired thousands of research data. Thus named as “ten hundred thousand” practice team, in a short time it has received strong support from hundreds of start-up enterprises in Zhejiang and extensive praise from the society. Currently the work has entered into data analysis stage.

During the data analysis stage, students from School of Finance use professional knowledge based on statistical dichotomy method entry into computer, and make modeling quantitative analysis on data obtained based on econometrics and financial engineering to analyze various impact factors of startup and correlation between each other. Looking at the forms filled of numbers 0 and number 1, team members joked that, they were taking an action of “decoding”. Later, they would compose investigation reports based on conclusions contributing to local government for suggestions and recommendations.

It is reported that, after G20 Hangzhou summit, concept of “Green Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” has won support by the society and attracted a large amount of ambitious undergraduates to join in the uprising wave of startup. These “Startup decoders’” activities reflect Chinese college students’ high social-responsibility standards, worthy of students in world universities to study for reference. Meanwhile, hope they move forward further and further along the road of combining theory with practice.

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