Innovative Pet Product Enhances Canine Car Rides

Simple and Inexpensive Doggie Device Allows Canines a Safer Ride

There are nearly eighty million dog owners in the United States, each with their beloved Clifford or Fido. Each and every one of these lovable pals undoubtedly adores a nice car ride from sticking their snouts out the window to anticipating their new-found destination. Yet, one obstacle relentlessly bats canines away: the infamous slippery surface of the door/armrest. Here to eliminate this hindrance is Doggie No Slips.

Doggie No Slips was designed to give every dog a better grip while experiencing the thrill of the ride. Doggie No Slips works by sliding a virtually indestructible strip of polycarbonate between the door and window with durable non-slip material draped over the door for your pooch to stand on. Complementing the long-lasting nature of the product, Doggie No Slips is dedicated to keeping the price affordable, selling today for only $12.75.

Doggie No Slips are not only affordable and simple to install, but also create a safer ride for your furry friend. Unfortunately, even the slightest tap of the breaks can send a canine sprawling to the floor. Yet, most devices used for a similar purpose are more focused on protecting the car from scratches rather than the keeping the canine passenger stable while on the go. Now every best friend can focus less on slipping and more on enjoying the ride with this innovative doggie device.

About Doggie No Slips

Doggie No Slips was invented in 2013 by Kandy’s Krafts with the goal of improving every canine’s car ride. The product itself started when she noticed something troubling her dog Pongo. The pet loved the rush of the wind on its face with his ears flapping in the wind, but every time he got into the groove of the ride he would slip and fall down. Soon Doggie No Slips was created and slipping on the door became a distant memory. With three colors available, each with an adorable dog paw pattern, every car can find a matching style.

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