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Drench your lips in nature.
Our sweet, super smooth blend of organic coconut, grape seed, sweet almond, olive oils, and delicious natural flavors leave your lips kissable soft and supple with long lasting moisture and protection against harmful UV rays. Drench your lips with our all-natural delectable Lip Balms…. and get ready for a silky Lip Smack Attack!

Smack Attack Lip Balms are a sweet, luxurious blend of cold pressed organic coconut, grape seed, sweet almond, olive oils and delicious natural flavors that leave your lips kissable soft. Available in 4 edibly delicious flavors (Limeacious, Orange Sherbet, Wild Cherry and Mangolicious) and packed with anti-bacterial and UV protection. 

Drench your lips in nature with CoCoCrazy Oils All-Natural delectable lip balms….and get ready for a silky Lip Smack Attack!

Our CoCoCrazy Oils story began with a random incident that sparked a creative passion for a Fresh Approach to Natural Skin Care.

I was on a trip to visit my sister in early 2015, and on the drive, my phone had fallen between the car seat and console. (And I’m sure you know how awkward it can be to retrieve those french fries, straws, earrings, pencils, coupons, gum, loose change and an occasional piece of meat from your sandwich, right!?) It’s a struggle for sure.

So, I pulled over into a church parking lot and remembered my little mini jar of coconut oil that I packed with my shampoo. I rubbed a little on my hands and Bingo! I had the phone out in no time. And my hands felt so nourished too. That’s when the idea of creating a skin care product was born. 

For years I had been using Coconut Oil for everything from cooking to topical ointment, to personal care & beauty regimens; even oiling squeaky door hinges….so it seemed a natural process to start a business making 100% pure products from one of the most beneficial resources on the planet.

Right away I talked to my best friend about creating a brand and labels, and instantly we became a productive team in designing our successful “brick and mortar” skin care company.

Foot Fixation was our first creation in the line, however, Friction Addiction was the first to be introduced to e-commerce in June 2015 and now available in 21 stores in 5 states. In just 15 months we’ve had the opportunity to create 24 remarkable products that effectively moisturize, nourish and replenish all skin types.

We adapted “The Skin Concience Awareness Company™” slogan as part of our brand; bringing awareness through healthy skin related tips and insights and offering 100% Pure Skin Care Products.

At The Skin Conscience Awareness Company™ we understand that the importance of Natural Skin Care is essential in creating a healthy, vibrant life for you and your family. Our commitment is our brand. We are a rapidly growing natural products company dedicated to supporting the Natural Skin Care and Health Conscience Communities.

All of of our products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, no preservatives, synthetics, or chemicals. Just All-Natural ingredients from nature.

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