launches airport limo transfer in 68 cities from just $9

Report indicated a useful website features executive limousine airport, local international restaurants, discount China deals, tour package, translator and handy tools has quickly become a new favor for International travelers & traders who are visiting China. Reporter reviewed the website recently and it’s proven to be very helpful for those visiting China. ranks first among the corporate limousine suppliers in China, its airport limousine transportation services are widely distributed by 5-star hotels, travel agencies, international firms, and embassy officers. Funded by JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM), (operated by China Hotels Payonline Gateway Co., Ltd in Kowloon Bay – Hong Kong) is offering deals and services in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with top quality & lowest rate.

Their business plan was to extend its service network to Chengdu, Dalian, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin etc over 20 cities and add over 10,000 good quality deals in 2016, and now they expand it into 68 cities. It focuses mostly on the transportation, good restaurants, translator, and international standard hospitality. They are determined to bring good quality local deals, make joy for traveler’s journey or stay in China with lots of discounts, and then become a must-have service! is formed by a group of international elites who travels all around the globe frequently and understands the key elements of a good journey. With over 20 years’ experience in Shanghai airport transportation. Paco Castro the CEO of says: “For international visitors, there’s almost no company can provide the same full coverage limousine service in China nationwide, let alone the combination of limousine, dining, translator and city tour all in one website. The rapid rise of is not only because it solved the rigid demand of transportation, but also provided the local international cuisine & activities, now eating won’t be a headache anymore for international visitors.” Recent research indicated recreation and business service combine together can make international visit so much easier, either for business or leisure travelers. You can always find the services you need on platform with the lowest price guaranteed.

By far, has received over one hundred thousand visitors, and the percentage of satisfied client is 100%. It is worth mentioning that joins hand with Canton Fair to offer transportation services, so that you can check in to hotels as soon as possible. Overall, achieved a whole new level of satisfaction and provides all you need in China. So we strongly suggest to those visiting China.

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