Safe and Healthier Bathroom: New and Innovative Accessory Provides The Answer

September, 2016 – The Helping hand Co. is pleased to announce the availability of its new and innovative toilet accessory, The Helping hand toilet seat lift handle. The Helping Hand Toilet Seat Lift handle is a slim and inconspicuous handle attached to the lid of the toilet. The easy to install lift handle is specially designed to improve sanitary, convenience and could be of great in potty training for children.

According to Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, flushing the toilet with the lid up is not wise. “Polluted water vapor erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl, and it can take several hours for these particles to finally settle — not to mention where.” If the lid is always closed while flushing, then it will be absolutely dangerous to always to hold the lid while trying to open or close it. The water being flushed down will definitely have been in contact with the lid, and this can easily be passed on.

A user on Amazon comments, “This is a great incentive for children during potty training. My little nephew is potting training, and he thinks this lifting hand is a “big boy” activity. We let him use the lifting hand so he will remember to lift the toilet seats. The hand is rather small and indiscreet. It is made of plastic and sticks on the toilet seat with 3M tape. There are 3 pieces of 3M tape included (see picture). The 3M tape seems like it is providing a very strong hold.”

The user comments further, “I like anything that helps prevent spreading germs, so I am well pleased with this lifting hand. Plus it has helped my nephew to potty train.

For kids doing potty training, the accessory has proved to accelerate their understanding of how to use the toilet in the most hygienic way; parents do not have to worry about their children making a mess of the toilet while simply trying to answer the nature’s call.

The Helping Hand Toilet Seat Lift Handle is easy to installs, as the handle easily installs due to the secure and reliable 3M adhesive strips. To attach, it should be simply peeled and attached to the lid.

For more information, visit the product’s Amazon Store.

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