Top 10 SEO Company in Sydney Partners With Leading UK Press Release Firm

Sydney SEO Company now provides world-class press releases to help boost Australian and Worldwide small businesses’ online presence.

Sydney, NSW – Top 10 SEO, a leading Sydney SEO company that provides services to help increase Google Rankings for business websites, has today revealed a new service to assist small businesses with writing and distributing press releases.

Top 10 SEO, a Sydney company which helps business owners all over the world to increase exposure online is now offering 5 tips on the benefits of press releases:

Search Engine Optimisation – Building the press releases with built-in keywords and phrases related to the businesses boosts their ranking in search engine results.

Access to a world-wide audience – Thanks to the internet press releases are now unlimited in their scope.

The potential to go viral – Press releases no longer require a push from a news outlet to gain attention. Trusted friends and family and “What’s trending?” links on social media outlets offer a greatly increased chance for a business’ message to reach potential customers or clients.

Multimedia – Just like web pages, press releases no longer have to be purely text-driven. They can offer viewers images, videos, and helpful links to boost a business’ perceived authority within their field.

Boost a business’ authority – Business’ web pages rank higher in a search engine’s results when they’re considered an authority within their field. Press releases, which are easy to publish, allow a business the chance for a business to boost their authority over and over again. 

Top 10 SEO Sydney’s founder and spokesperson said, “Small business owners sometimes have the impression that press releases are purely for big corporations. That simply isn’t true. We want to make sure that both Australian and International small business owners are using every possible service to boost their company’s online presence.”

About Top 10 SEO Sydney:

For the past 15 years, the team at Top 10 SEO has been supplying business owners with a unique SEO service that works, with the best possible results. Generating regular good quality leads and results for their clients.

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