Tshared Advocates Sustainability in Garment Industry with New Line of Zero Waste T-Shirts

Every year, the clothing industry discards almost 30% of its produced clothing.  This is almost 25 billion garments, or the equivalent of almost 30,000 Boeing 747’s! This enormous waste contributes to mass destruction of natural habitats and an unending supply of material for our landfills.  There is a building movement to eliminate this irresponsible manufacturing method and one of the leaders of this movement is the company Tshared, headed by longtime fashion industry veteran Jeroen van der Heide.

Tshared has launched a new line called Zero Waste T-shirts that not only offers premium clothing but also redefines how clothing production can eliminate waste. Each Zero Waste T-shirt that is produced is one of 111 limited products and is uniquely sized for the buyer.  The consumer chooses which design they would like, provides their measurements and receives their premium, customized T-shirt. Additionally, each purchase comes with a detailed description of where and how the materials were sourced and processed, ensuring that consumers have transparency into the manufacturing process.  If after five years, you want to return the Zero Waste T-shirt, they will receive an 11% discount on their next purchase.

Not only does Tshared offer high quality clothing to its customers, but it is also a model for the garment industry.  Instead of overproducing a large number of garments that the public won’t purchase, manufacturers can maximize profits by only producing desirable outfits.  Consequently, the industry as a whole can adopt a more sustainable production system that optimizes profitability while respecting the environment.

You can be at the forefront of this new movement by purchasing your own Zero Waste T-shirts through their Indiegogo campaign.  You can now reserve Zero Waste T-shirts with a variety of limited edition designs, gift cards, or T-shirt bundles through their exclusive Indiegogo campaign.

To learn more about Zero Waste T-shirts or to reserve your own, please visit https://goo.gl/w9jq9g

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Company Name: Zero Waste T-shirt
Contact Person: Jeroen van der Heide
Email: crowdfunding@tshared.eu
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