Swimming Pool Maintenance and Precaution: Tips to Watch Out for this Season Ahead

Pool Maintenance and Precaution
Just a few more months and it will already be winter.

By this time, you should already be preparing to close your swimming pool for the rainy months, unless, of course, you do intend to keep your pool open for some frigid fun. Maintaining your swimming pool to be in tip top shape is a responsibility of any homeowner worth his penny. Of course, if you are not really well versed in preparing your pool for the winter season, you can always seek professional swimming pool services from Dog Days Pools.

Here are some helpful tips you can observe to help you prepare your swimming pool this season ahead.

1. Always achieve the correct water balance before closing your pool – It is imperative that you measure the exact levels of pH, total alkalinity, water hardness or amount of calcium dissolved, free chlorine, and amount of chlorine stabilizers in your pool before you attempt to close it for the winter. Make sure you have all the correct tools you will need to establish the normal levels of these water parameters. 

2. Clean your swimming pool thoroughly – Once you have achieved the correct chemical and pH balance of your water, it’s time to get down and dirty. Cleaning the pool does not only involve skimming the surface for floating dirt and debris. It also means having to scrub the walls and floors plus the addition of certain chemicals to keep the water in your swimming pool stable throughout the rest of the season. 

3. Don’t forget to clean the filtration system – Many times, pool owner neglect cleaning the pool’s filtration system prior to closing down. Cartridge filters must be replaced and sand filters or diatomaceous earth filters thoroughly backwashed prior to closing. This helps make sure that no unwanted debris will be growing inside these filters while you are out for the season. 

4. Always protect your swimming pool against the rainy season ahead – If you’re ready to close for the season, make sure to remove all fittings and drain all the equipment. If you live in extremely cold climates, make sure to add antifreeze that is designed specifically for swimming pools; not the one you put in your car. Make sure to cover your swimming pool before calling it officially closed.

Closing your swimming pool for the winter can be time-consuming and daunting. That’s why sometimes it’s a lot better to leave it to the professionals.

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