San Diego artist introduces revolutionary wristband ‘Arm-adillo’ to carry art supplies hands-free

San Diego artist Enrique has introduced a breakthrough wristband Arm-adillo that straps the art supplies to anything for an easy hands-free and well-organized carrying & sketching. It can hold any size of pencils and pens.

Imperial Beach, CA – September 16, 2016 – Every artist speaks of the same daunting feel when s/he has to dig through pencil pouches or backpacks every time for pencils & sketch pens while sketching outdoors. But not anymore.

A supercool San Diego artist Enrique has introduced a revolutionary wristband Arm-adillo that straps the art supplies to the arm for an easy hands-free carrying & sketching. With the derwent pencils and pens always at arm or wrist’s reach, there is no question of wasting time and energy in wading through big backpacks for the pencils.

The first of its kind, Arm-adillo is a suede (altered synthetic super suede) pencil case that conveniently wraps around anything with Velcro latch, be it arm or wrist or scrapbook or a tablet or a bottle – the possibilities are just endless! There are riveted layers to hold the art supplies, ranging from extremely thin pencils to mid-sized pens to markers to very large pens.

“As artists ourselves, we do understand the trauma of getting accidentally stabbed by the pencils while we are searching for it in the pockets for a quick sketch. Besides, getting a separate big bag for the pencils is never ideal. Thus, we looked for ways to take the art supplies out of the pockets & have them organized properly at our side. It was our mission to make your life easier by enabling a cool hands-free carrying of art supplies and thus Arm-adillo was born. It will simply strap to your sketchbook or arm with in-built holder for your pens and pencils so that you have the art supplies always at your grasp”, stated Enrique Plazola while introducing the Arm-adillo.

Enrique and his team have conducted extensive research into natural habits of people while sketching and based on that inputs, they have built & tested several prototypes. After using his innovative concept for years, Enrique tried it with other artists as well and it’s only when a large number of elated artists queued up for his brainchild – the San Diego innovator decided to redesign & sell his groundbreaking wristband.

“I have worked with the best folks possible to come up with a futuristic design that will make sketching more convenient and cooler for you. We have made needed modifications to the previous design for better fabric so that there is no risk of irritation or wearing out. Besides, we have adjusted the optimum possible layout to carry your supplies more effectively. In simple words, you have something out-of-the-box here to make you a more professional efficient artist.”

Integrated magnet helps the futuristic case to conveniently stick to reactive metallic surfaces such as work desk, blackboard, fridge, and so on. The user can even detach it and lay it flat for an up-close reach on his art arsenal.

The revolutionary pencil case has received rave reviews from the users.

“Thanks a lot! I carry it wherever I go so that I never miss out on my art supplies”, read a happy review from a very satisfied Arm-adillo user.

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