Veterans in Pain Have A New Alternative For Relief

(Oklahoma City) Neurolumen is this breakthrough device that may end the pain in millions of Veterans around the world. The FDA approved portable treatment is designed to help relieve pain and swelling from a number of disorders like neuropathy, damage from injury, strains, arthritis, back and neck pain and otherosclerosis.  To date Neurolumen is being issued to Veterans in 23 different clinics and Hospitals with new ones being added daily.

Doctors and practitioners with the VA are saying that their patients are sometimes getting instant relief and most see complete relief in the first ten treatments.  One veteran stated that he was off of his pain medication and he is able to sleep through the night.  He also had an incredible side effect, his PTSD symptoms subsided!

Every Veteran will have access to the Neurolumen by years end so if you or someone you love is a Veteran and needs help with pain Neurolumen may be their answer.  

This device was invented to treat lower back pain in the inventor’s daughter but has grown to treat thousands of Veterans and Civilians a like. Neurolumen combines LED and LASERs with electrical stimulation. The Neurolumen Device incorporates all three modalities in one convenient treatment with the use of specially designed velcro wraps and gel pads,  It comes in a portable carrying case to be used at home and through Veteran Centers.

According to Dr. Nathan Grantham, “There is an enormous need for this Device to reduce the risk of amputation, improve ambulatory status, increase circulation, and relieve stiffness and pain in our veterans, without the use of addictive prescription pain medications.  According to study at Walter Reed, of 2,500 soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, 44 percent reported chronic pain that is higher than the national average of 26 percent.  Fifteen percent were using narcotic pain medicines or opiates as their only form of pain relief actions.  The Neurolumen is a non-invasive, clinically-proven solution to help veterans throughout the Country.

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