Most Functional Travel Wallet ‘ZOVSK’ seeking crowdfunding support at Kickstarter

LA-based ZOVSK has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of its futuristic most functional travel wallet ZOVSK Wallet. It’s ultra-slim and backed by GPS tracking and in-built power bank to help with mobile phone battery on the go.

Los Angeles CA, September 17, 2016: LA-based Company ZOVSK has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for its revolutionary most functional travel wallet “ZOVSK Wallet”. A traditional bi-fold wallet redefined through an unconventional design, this ultra-slim futuristic goodie speaks of a GPS technology-based trackable feature & in-built power bank with mobile charger.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $30,000.

“Our ZOVSK Wallet is here to make your everyday life much easier with the most reliable, personal fashionable and functional travel wallet ever that would duly complement your active lifestyle. Wallets and mobile phones are the two most important aspects of in the new connected era and hell can break loose when you can’t find your wallet or there is no power in your phone battery. To make everything more convenient we have combined the class of leather with the great versatility of advanced technology -that enables you to keep track on your wallet as well as allows power to the phone battery whenever needed, while on the go.” stated Reagan Sirengo from ZOVSK while announcing the campaign.

“Backed by GPS, the wallet triggers an alarm in case it leaves the user’s side. It would be linked to an app on your smartphone so that you always know where your wallet is if it’s missing. But such a futuristic project demands robust financial backup and hence the crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated”, he added in.

The ZOVSK Wallet would be compatible with both Android & iPhone operating systems.

The unique wallet features 1 big bill compartment & 6 card slots to hold up to 8 cards. Crafted in luxury calfskin leather, the wallet shows a premium natural finish and its compact patented fold compresses down to 2” smaller compared to even smallest of wallets around.

The in-built tracker syncs up seamlessly with the user’s smartphone through Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy. Connecting the app to the wallet, the user can take to the map functions to ring the wallet or ring the phone using the wallet. Tracker’s battery would last up till a long 12 months.

“Themed on ultimate user convenience, the Wallet’s app follows an extremely intuitive interface and is just a breeze to use.  Our ZOVSK Wallet is a stellar combo of fashion and functionality in the most aesthetic and brilliant way possible. Yes, it carries all bells & whistles you will find with typical wallets but its innovative state of the art design makes it stand out in the market easily. We have also taken to a chromium-free vegetable tanning method to guarantee a green eco-friendly product for you. To ensure the best of user experiences, we have only counted on the best in leather accessories & wireless charging technology. Now, we are looking forward to the mass production of such breakthrough green wallets and your generous funding would be the most valuable here.”

Backers would be rewarded with a whopping 40% OFF on the final retail price of the ZOVSK Wallet.

To show your support for the futuristic wallet, and to grab the 40%OFF launch offer, please visit

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