TradeLink™ Intelligently Identifies Vehicle Trades For Dealers

DENVER, CO – 9/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — DealersLink is offering a program called TradeLink™ that gives it dealer members intelligent book for book trade recommendations. Unlocking additional upstream inventory before it goes to auction and provides customized recommendations based on thousands of vehicle data points in each dealers market.

The program, which uses a proprietary algorithm matching engine to weigh more than 1200 retail data points, delivers optimized, real ­time trade recommendations on retail ready vehicles based on vehicle status and market demand. The program is constantly running inside the DealersLink platform streaming a constant list of possible trade matches. TradeLink is supported by the DealersLink trading desk team which provides on demand assistance with vehicle transactions.

More than 4,000 dealer members currently have TradeLink running in their accounts.

Mike Goicoechea CEO of DealersLink said, “We pioneered the first dealer direct platform in 2005. Now we are excited to offer the best dealership solutions for less and we now run the most efficient and robust live bidding online auction platform which is complimented nicely by the TradeLink engine.”

This fall, DealersLink plans to release its newest version of AuctionLink, which is a live real time online bidding platform where members can acquire retail ready units back of MMR book every week. The acquisition options now available through the DealersLink platform allows members to acquire the inventory they need without having to go to brick and mortar auctions anymore

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