New Novel Takes a Different Approach to the Black Lives Matter Campaign

As the campaign for dignity, justice, and respect for African Americans continue to heat up, a new novel, Innocent Crook, has taken a different angle to the subject with a very commanding view on juvenile issues relating to the minority.

Written by d. E. Rogers, Innocent Crook tells the sad but inspiring story of a black teenage boy, Jupiter, caught between his mother and aunt, and the struggle to control their drug dealing business. Like being caught between a rock and a hard place, Jupiter has no choice but to engage in criminal activity. He’s a scared teen just doing what he has to do to survive while looking out for his younger sister. Yet, amidst all the chaos and insecurity within his family, he still manages to become a successful high school graduate with a Harvard scholarship.

While many groups continue to protest against the racial injustices of the black population, Innocent Crook has its own campaign- to highlight the struggles of minority youths and demonstrate to them that they have the power within to succeed regardless of their family or background.

Innocent Crook is scheduled to be launched on October 18, 2016, but already it has won the title of Best Unpublished book at two separate book festivals- one in Paris and the other in San Francisco. It is d. E. Rogers’ 10th novel and by all indications it is poised to become a best seller.

When asked about his motivation to write the book, d. E. said: “Some people misinterpret what is meant by black lives matter. My story shines a light on some of the struggles black kids face in trying to make a better life for themselves. And knowing people who have lived and survived horror stories and success stories my novel was born. My hope is for all people, not just black, to move forward from the “I have a dream” to “Let’s Make the Dream Real” world.”

Innocent Crook is a thought provoking book that will captivate readers’ interest from start to finish. The book is bubbling with strong themes such as love, forgiveness, regret and determination and will provide a great deal of inspiration for everyone that reads it. The book is available in Kindle format and can be pre-ordered for $0.99 cents. All funds from the sales will be donated to a charity to help teenagers improve their education until the release of the book. For further details visit the author’s website at: or

About the Author

d. E. Rogers has written nine novels and directed several short films. His most recent novel, Innocent Crook, has won Best Unpublished Book at both the San Francisco and Paris Book Festivals. With a passion for learning, he has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Bethel College. In addition, he has attended the New York Film Academy, the University of Notre Dame, and has been certified by Stanford University as a project manager. When he’s not busy writing, he runs a 501c3 Nonprofit, The Next Great Writer, which teaches teenagers how to write their first book.


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