“WP Traffic Up” WordPress Plugin Introduces Exit Autoplay Technology, Allows the Visitors to View the Full Page with Autoplay Video

WP Traffic Up is the exclusive Exit Traffic Wordpress Plugin that comes with an Autoplay Ready built-in technology. For several years, marketers are using only the customary exit popups to increase sales, options, and profits, but without any announcement Safari and Chrome executed them.  But now, with WP Traffic Up plugin, visitors can see the complete page, and not just that now they can see autoplay video on the page. Right now, this is the only software, which contains this kind of technology that is known as “Autoplay Ready”.

Now with this revolutionary plugin, you can get something much better than the popup and certainly your subscribers and customers will love this WP Traffic Up plugin and you can its effectiveness instantly.

Get WP Traffic Up Plugin copy and start increasing Sales & Conversions today, it includes:

– 9STA (Stunning Transition Animations)

– 2 outstanding loading animations

– It works well with all WordPress Sites

– It allows you to choose Page mode/post or sitewide

– Comes with Autoplay Ready technology

– Installs in few seconds

– Facebook MCA (Mastermind Group Access)

WP Traffic Up increases your sales and enhances your frontend high EPC’s and conversions, and also it comes with the countdown timers and OTO’s cross-promote on the download pages so that you can make a lot of money easily.

Most people know how exit popups work, and marketers have been using it for years to get the best from website traffic, but some people do not like popups as they are not cute. But, now the unwanted popup is no more and they will never come back, this is because safari and chrome made some changes in the browser and they executed the unwanted popups forever. However, the new invention called WP Traffic Up is completely different from any other plugin.

When people exit from your page it will show a full page that rolls up using nine built-in animation effects.  The specified URL will be shown to the people when they leave your website.  So, this can be an affiliate offer, options page, webinar Signup, squeeze page, or something else, and the best part is you don’t have to own a website.  The WP Traffic UP is different and unique from others because this is the only plugin that displays autoplay video on the webpage.

Special features of WP Traffic UP Plugin include:

– Your options are unlimited with WP Traffic Up Plugin

– When the visitors about to leave your website, you can immediately show your affiliate offer or your own offer  offered to them

– It is very easy to present your offer, your visitor does not need to execute any action or click on anything. 

For more detail, you could see WP Traffic Up WordPress Plugin review here

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