Fitness Competitors and Athletes Come First at Nspire Sports League

NSL to showcase athletes in Atlanta on October 1, 2016

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – 19 Sep, 2016 – The Nspire Sports League (“NSL”) is quickly becoming recognized as the “people’s sports league,” with a strong commitment to unifying athletes, sponsors, and communities. The league is hosting a Pro Qualifier & Pro Competition on Saturday, October 1 from 12-8 pm at the Rialto Theatre in Atlanta.

From seasoned athletes to the first-time competitor with a story of personal triumph, the NSL celebrates the hard work athletes put in for the sake of discipline and the pursuit of the ultimate healthy lifestyle.

“We work directly with our athletes and hopefuls on everything from personal encouragement to posing workshops, all designed to get our competitors ready for success at every competition,” says Richard Basantes, one of the NSL Atlanta franchise owners. Co-owner Jeff Belles adds “It is our mission to inspire everyone to believe in themselves, and to know that a fitness competition is within your reach with the support system that our league provides. If there was ever a time for celebrating the dedicated athlete, this is it.”

The NSL believe in community where:

• Athletes from around the world are welcome with open arms and encouraged to participate in any competitive division and class that aligns with their goals.

• Sponsors are rewarded for support of athletes that represent the quality the fitness community demands and deserves.

• Fans can celebrate the accomplishments of the dedicated athletes.

• A community that encourages industry evolution and growth and strives to show the world that this is how we live!

Please visit our website for more information on our events and visit for information on the October 1st event in Atlanta.

About Nspire Sports League

The Nspire Sports League was founded on the much-needed principles of equality, opportunity, and transparency — something the sport in Georgia has been lacking. This foundation gives athletes, sponsors, and fans the opportunity to openly build a community that supports growth and development as well as health and wellness without the fear of rejection. The NSL hosts bodybuilding & Fit sport competitions, workshops, public speaking seminars.

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