Cryo Centers of America Opens 4th Location In North Texas

DALLAS, TX – 19 Sep, 2016 – If there’s one thing North Texas area residents know how to tolerate, it’s the drastic change in temperature from our unpredictable weather.

But three minutes in a liquid nitrogen-cooled chamber that reaches 240 degrees below zero at Cryo Centers of America Plano, 2655 Premier Dr., will put even the most winter-hardened resident’s temperature tolerance to the test.

Shaun Hernandez and Tyler Slater, owners of the quickly expanding brand Cryo Centers of America, opened another location, this time in Plano, TX and joined the wave of cryotherapy businesses extolling the virtues of subjecting yourself to a hyper-cooled air bath wearing nothing but your underwear, thermal socks and insulated slippers. This marks the 4th location in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex with Cryo Centers of America stores already located in Allen, Fort Worth, and Benbrook. Plus not to mention a mobile cryotherapy unit capable of providing “on-site” whole body cryotherapy recovery services to anyone within a 50-mile radius of Dallas,TX.

“I tell people it’s cold. Really cold,” Slater said. “The last 30 seconds are the hardest.”

Slater, in perhaps the understatement of the year, called the experience “a bit of a shock” for first timers.

So why do customers subject themselves to temperatures that would make Ice Bowl conditions seem like good grilling weather — even if for just three minutes?

Cryo Centers of America co-owner Shaun Hernandez said, “A session spurs the body into a physiological response that can help enhance athletic performance, speed up injury recovery, reduce inflammation, manage pain and improve immune system function.”

It can also help people deal with the effects of debilitating conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, he said.

“For six or eight hours afterward, you feel more invigorated, more energized,” Hernandez said. “Your body releases endorphins, so you feel rejuvenated. It can also enhance your performance before a workout or help revitalize you after one.”

The cryotherapy session, which costs $25 per appointment and $49 for “on-site” service, does have some requirements: You can’t be wet or have put on lotion recently, piercings below the neck must be covered, and you have to wear the aforementioned booties as well as gloves.

Slater, a military veteran, said he and Hernandez tried cryotherapy years ago around the same time they were looking to start a new business.

The idea froze.

“We really wanted to do this,” Slater said. “We figure if people get in here, try it and like it, they’ll come back again.”

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