New Film “Kipatsi” Examines the Devastating Effects of Industrial Expansion on Amazon Lands and People

The Amazonia jungle is one of the most important ecosystems in the world, providing almost 20% of the world’s oxygen. However, rampant expansion into these lands is not only endangering unique plants and animals, but also many historic indigenous peoples like the Machiguenga.  This destruction is now the subject of a major documentary film “Kipatsi” being produced by the independent collective Triple One Productions.

“Kipatsi” will focus on the Machiguenga tribe, an indigenous community that has resided in the Peruvian jungles for thousands of years.  With a rich culture and history that extends back to the Incan Empire, the Machiguenga people are in danger of losing their homes and cultural traditions as business interests move in to establish gas pipelines and other operations. In the larger global community, few people realize that their ever increasing appetite for fuel, beef and other consumer goods is endangering precious plants, animals and indigenous people that could provide the cure for cancer, insights into our own society or other important discoveries.

This new 60-70 minute documentary will be shot in 4K resolution over a three month period on location and is intended for admission to major international film festivals and wider distribution.  Unlike many documentaries, “Kipatsi” will provide a hard-hitting look at the natural and cultural destruction of Amazonia, but will also try to capture the attention of the public by maintaining high entertainment standards. 

To completely fund this project, Triple One Productions has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for video & sound equipment, travel, and post-production. The production team is inviting you to join them as they strive to preserve one of the most precious natural habitats in the world.  If you back this project, you may receive valuable perks like Peruvian wallpapers, Triple One Productions documentaries, “Kipatsi”, T-shirts, dark coffee, Fairmondo vouchers, Associate Producer credit, Co-producer credit, Executive Producer credit, Premiere tickers, or a visit to the set of “Kipatsi”.

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