The Jugaadu Blogger Reveals The Story Behind The JIO dot fyi Domain Name is a newly launched website that has been developed with the purpose of publishing stories related to almost every category exists in online industry that is relevant to the regular Indians. The website features interesting talk about the latest jugaadu videos, facts, stories and news making an impact online and in India. Recently, the founder of, the Jugaadu Blogger Farhan Rasheed shared with his readers the story and the motivation behind creating the blog and how it is going to help readers.

According Mr. Farhan “JIO” stands for Jugaadu Indian Online, he says that “JIO” will be frequently publishing stories online on its website blog related to almost every category exists in online industry. The aim of the website will be to become a hub for the real jugaadus in the Indian online community, Farhan and his team will be sharing real jugaad stories with the readers to help readers learn and grow together by benefiting from the advice, experiences and tips of others.

Farhan is not new to the world of blogging online, he has also been successfully blogging about the Indian real estate for almost one and a half decade, therefore he is well versed with the nitty gritty of the online blogging world. His ambition was develop a blog that will help a wider audience in India in finding some amazing jugaads for their everyday problems, which inspired him to come up with a name like “JIO” stands for Jugaadu Indian Online. However, getting the domain name that he wanted for his new website proved to be quite a challenge.

A spokesperson for JIO shared: “The main story behind using Keyword “Jio” was based the Google Search Trend Alert which triggered on our e-mail box dated 3rd June 2016 where the email read that the highest searched keyword on Google from couple days is “JIO” incidentally after reading the email we tried buying the domain name but came to know that it belongs to someone else.” This however did not deter the team from going after their dream and in true jugaadu style they found a great alternative, “when we saw the availability of .FYI Domain name extension available for registration for Rs.1,600/- without wasting a single minute we thought of new Jugaad for blogging online by making use of this highly searched keyword “JIO” which can help us get instant web traffic.” He further added.

The information shared on JIO will also be known as JIO News & JIO Story.

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