Basement and Crawlspace Waterproof Experts Provide Preparation Tips for the Upcoming Season

Waterproof Experts Provide Preparation Tips

Here are some tips you can observe to help you prevent water damage this coming season. Preparing for the season ahead is best served with the purpose of protecting your home (your family), saving time, and money. Making home investments by taking preparation tips from basement and crawlspace waterproof experts can prevent your finances being dried out in a drought.

1. Always check your plumbing – One of the most common reasons for water damage in basements and crawlspaces is a faulty plumbing network. You may have a broken hot water tank system or even a leaking water fixture. And since a great majority of these pipes and water lines run through the basement or other crawlspaces, they tend to get neglected in the process. Take time to review the blueprint of your home and identify where your plumbing is. Otherwise, you can call for experts to try to determine if you have a local plumbing problem. 

2. Clean your gutters and downspouts – Your roof is like a large basin that collects water and moisture. If this is not channeled down your spout, then water will eventually have to find a way to go down. And you know where this will lead. Your basement, of course. So, while it is still not snowing and the winds haven’t picked up yet, go up your roof and make sure you don’t have any broken shingles or any roofing material and that your gutters and downspouts are free of any obstruction. 

3. Provide a landscape around your basement foundation – It’s not snowing yet so now is the perfect time for you to try to adjust the gradation of the ground level surrounding the foundation of your basement. This typically means you have to add some soil on the immediate vicinity of your basement foundation and have it gently sloping outwards. This effectively channels water away from your basement foundation.

4. Apply appropriate basement waterproofing technologies – You can apply several coatings of your favorite basement waterproofing solution to help prevent water from seeping into your crawlspace. Choose one that provides excellent waterproofing.

You don’t have to be a slave to water damage in your basement. With these simple tips, you can mitigate these issues and live through winter a happier homeowner. Preparing for the season saves time and money. 

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