Preparing Home Windows: Tips for the Upcoming Season

Tips for the Upcoming Season
In a couple more months the northern hemisphere will be officially welcoming the winter season. For a great majority of cities north of the equator, this simply translates to colder nights and more freezing winds

Consequently, it also means higher energy consumption because of the increased demand for heating. For the energy-efficient homeowner, now is the time to prepare the house for the upcoming season. Energy-efficient windows are an investment of a lifetime and the homeowners should think twice about the upcoming season and the future investments they make towards upgrading their home. This simply means preparing your home windows and sidings to help keep warmth in and cold out during the winter months.

Here are some tips to your to prepare home windows:

  • Inspect your home windows for cracks, damage, or accumulated debris – All of these can lead to the formation of gaps where warm interior air can escape during the cold winter nights. Inspecting home windows for cracks, damages, and any other debris is a sure way to prepare for the season ahead. Make sure to clean the sills off dirt and debris such as dried leaves and small twigs to make your windows operate more efficiently.


  • Check your home window’s weather stripping – If the weather stripping mechanism in your home window is already damaged or worn out, it’s time to have them replaced. Loose weather stripping can let cold air drafts during winter leading to substantially greater heating expenditure.


  • Examine the caulk and other sealants in your windows – Over time, caulk and other sealing mechanisms tend to dry out and crack. Make sure to examine the caulk of your home windows and doors and replace or apply a new layer of caulk to help ensure a tighter seal for your windows. This helps prevent the entry of cold air during winter.


  • Install shades or snap-in blinds – These are practical solutions to help insulate your house from the cold temperatures coming from the outside. If you can have a replacement windows company that can offer you a between-the-glass shading or thermal efficiency option, then it would be an excellent choice.


  • Install storm windows and doors – These structures provide an additional layer of protection for your home by increasing the space between the interior of your home and the outside environment. This space is where cold drafts of air will accumulate and dissipate even before they have a chance to leak through the interior.


  • Replace your home windows – For best results, sometimes it’s a lot better to replace your home windows with more energy efficient options. At the very least the savings you obtain from a reduction in your heating costs can offset any investment placed on replacement windows.


  • Going The Green Way – Long-term investments with going green come a long way with investing in your home windows. Environmentally friendly and long lasting materials like vinyl windows and vinyl sidings are efficient in managing temperature within the household. Also going the green way can reduce the electricity bill during summer or winter seasons.

There are other ways you can conserve heating costs during the upcoming winter season. For the best possible results however, it is often advisable to seek professional help such as those from Accurate Siding and Windows Inc.

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