A New Revolutionary FanDom Sports App Is Set To Become The Most Exciting Social Networking Platform For Sport Fans

A new sports app will bring sports fans and players together and provide them with a platform to interact.

A new exciting fandom sports app, which has been described by Fandom Sport Media CEO Blair Naughty as a “Sportsbar in the palm of your hand” is set to have a soft launch in the last week of September.

The sports app is set to become one of the most popular social networking platforms where sports fans can discuss, argue, and cheer for their favorite team. It will also give players a chance to interact with fans and celebrate winning or to defend their performance.

The full launch will take place in the second week in October and with the amount of media interest, it could become one of the most talked about and written about apps of 2016.

Blaire Naughty from Fandom Sports Media said: “The app is in beta test and we are eager to see it given a full launch to the sports fans when the NFL is in full swing.”

With all the controversy surrounding the NFL, the app gives sports fans the perfect opportunity to discuss their views and to offer opinions on stories published in the media. The Fandom Sports App provides sports fans with a voice.

The new app will become the most interactive app for sports fans where they can interact with soccer teams, rugby stars and more all from their mobile device.

The sports app, which will target 75 million sports fans is a perfect investment for those that love sports and for those looking to be a part of an exciting new app that will take the world by storm. Revenue will be generated through advertising, licensing partnerships with major sports brands, and sponsorship deals.

FanDom Sports has launched publically on the CSE (FDM) and OTC (FDMSF). The company also has recently set up a private offering on investor.ventures to encourage accredited investors.

About Fandom Sport Media

FanDom Sports Media is located in Vancouver and in Santa Monica, CA

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