Create Impressive and Design Flip Books with Flip Book Maker by AnyFlip

“AnyFlip-a flip book maker for creating impressive and design flip books”
AnyFlip presents an easy and enjoyable reading experience to its clients through flip book maker, which converts the PDF into designer flip books, and can be shared on the social websites too.

With the technological innovations, the scenario of online marketing has also witnessed a huge change. The old ways of advertising products and services are now changed to an innovative way by creating designer flip books that interests the consumers more, rather than those boring long printed brochures.

AnyFlip presents for its marketers flip book maker that creates remarkable flipbooks and can be shared online too. Anna Lee, the Chief Designer of the company, believes that this interactive and media-rich platform can create a great market for their clientele.

Interesting Features of AnyFlip Flipbook Maker

As the technology has brought about versatile changes so the transformation in the online marketing was also must and free flip book maker by AnyFlip has accomplished it. Now, people do not have to go through end number of pages of PDF. instead, they can read about a particular product through flip book that creates a huge impact on the readers. Here are some of its varied features:

• Beautiful Themes & Templates – The software has 10 pre-designed templates and nearly 400+ themes that help the client to present information in a professional manner. It also possesses configuration tools to create great designs.

• Accessible on Mobile Devices – The readers can now view flip book on their iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices, as the HTML technology by AnyFlip has made it possible.

• Latest Interactive Features – With this software developed by AnyFlip, the users can add videos, images, audios, etc. and engage the readers. Moreover, they can share it on social websites or through E-mail.

In short, this flip book maker software has revolutionized the marketing concept, and made it easier for the marketers to promote their products.

About the company

AnyFlip is a stunning digital publication company, based in Hong Kong that helps in designing media-rich and interactive flip book for their clients using advanced technology. It is regarded as the best flip book maker in creation and distribution.

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