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Legal issues can be highly baffling and generally require assistance from experienced attorneys. Kurtz & Blum is a well-known legal defense firm offering assistance in different kinds of legal matters including State and Federal criminal cases, DWI and traffic law as well as family law and personal injury matters.

Raleigh, North Carolina – September 20, 2016 – Legal problems can be extremely challenging for normal everyday working folks. Obviously anyone who is arrested wishes to deal with the situation right away. Many criminal penalties are quite strict in North Carolina. Fortunately, there are many law firms and lawyers in Raleigh who can help defendants to protect their rights and work to ensure that their clients receive justice.

To be sure, Kurtz & Blum lawyers in Raleigh, NC have established themselves in their community.

There are many reasons for their success, but one main reason is the broad area of legal matters covered by this firm. Whether you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, DWI lawyer, drug defense lawyer or sex crimes lawyer, Kurtz & Blum has attorneys with vast legal experience ready to assist you. Every lawyer is highly qualified and works closely with each client to help get the best possible outcome.

Criminal law – lawyers at Kurtz & Blum aggressively defend your rights

Many criminal cases often result in complex legal battles. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Raleigh, Kurtz & Blum can help in state or federal cases. The attorneys are highly trained and experienced in handling the toughest criminal cases. In addition, the firm has highly tech savvy lawyers; so they are up to date with the latest tools police and prosecutors employ to mount their case.

Other areas of practice

Along with criminal cases, Kurtz & Blum also have considerable knowledge and experience regarding family law in Raleigh such as divorce and child custody cases.

About Kurtz & Blum, PLLC

A search for a compassionate and aggressive attorney in Raleigh ends with a visit to Kurtz & Blum. The law firm has experienced criminal defense attorneys, DWI defense lawyers, traffic lawyers, personal injury attorneys and family law attorneys on the team.

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