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For more than a couple of years, the U.S. housing market has maintained a steady and sizable contribution to the economy’s gross domestic product (GDP) at 16%. The majority of this comes from housing services such as gross rents. Texas real estate broker and investor, Lianne McClure, gives you several reasons to start learning how to be a real estate investor.

San Antonio, Texas – September 20, 2016 – Lower interest rates have been a strong factor in encouraging residential, retail, commercial, and even industrial property investing. Further, federal regulations and tightening of the credit markets in the past decade have led to an explosion of high rental demand and long-term projected rental growth. Overall, it is an industry that has been offering strong potential in stability of capital value and higher returns.

Lone Star South Texas Properties, Chief advisor, Lianne McClure says, “If you have been planning to get into this industry as a player, there couldn’t be a better time. It’s not just rewarding to be in real estate in the short-term; it’s also among the best ways to create wealth for the longer haul. A little help from real estate investing courses and similar financial investment classes will ensure you educate yourself about how you can begin to reap the profits.”

Well, the challenges of real estate investing for beginners are many, but when you look at the advantages, there are few reasons to not step forward. If you have tucked away a considerable amount in low interest, traditional financial vehicles, it’s time to learn how to put it to real use and multiply!

A Constant Cash Flow

As opposed to keeping your savings with banks and enjoying a meager rate of interest, real estate can be a much more profitable alternative. The cash flow with rental investments is ongoing and can be treated as a monthly income that you keep on receiving, without doing any work! Further, this income is predictable and will also increase with economic and infrastructure growth.

Tax Benefits

The U.S. government has tended to reward rental property owners with tax benefits. So, it’s not just the increased cash flow every month that you’ll enjoy but savings in taxes as well!

Increased Net Worth

When you invest in a rental property, it’s actually the renter who would be paying the monthly mortgage. This way, you would not just benefit from new worth and financial credibility but also by receiving a steady amount of money every month.

A Perfect Retirement Plan

While job holders will continue bearing the effects of inflation, a real estate investor will continue receiving higher returns. As such, you are insured for the long-term!

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