Most Perfect Hanukkah Present Ever Invented Now Available on Kickstarter

Jewish Wisdom Ball answers all of life’s questions, often with a question

The Jewish Wisdom Ball, described as a Jewish alternative to the Magic 8 Ball®, is now raising funds on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $10,000 in 30 days and it wouldn’t kill you to help support it.

The ball features a Hebrew “chai” symbol on the front and provides 20 answers guaranteed to be imbued with the vast wisdom of the Jewish tradition. Those posing questions to the Jewish Wisdom Ball stand a good chance of being answered with a question, may be made to feel guilty for having asked in the first place, and once in a while could be told to put on a sweater.

When asked whether a small plastic toy was qualified to dispense advice, the Jewish Wisdom Ball responded “Why not?” and “You call that a question?”

The ball was created to complement the ever-growing number of niche versions of the Magic 8 Ball® concept. While many varieties exist, none have been specifically tailored toward the Jewish audience and its many, many questions. “Asking questions is a fundamental part of our heritage,” said Rami Genauer, creator of the Jewish Wisdom Ball. “This product is perfect for anyone, Jewish or not, who has questions to ask but lacks a sympathetic ear to listen, tell them that they’re crazy, and that it would be better if they didn’t ask.”

A pledge of $18 (plus shipping) will get backers one Jewish Wisdom Ball. True connoisseurs of Jewish wisdom will likely opt for the option that provides two Jewish Wisdom Balls; one to ask questions to and one they wouldn’t be caught dead asking. Additional pledge amounts range from $5 to $1000 and include bonuses like T-shirts and the chance to add a custom answer to the list of 20 contained within the ball.

If funding is successful, Jewish Wisdom Balls and other rewards should be delivered in December—perfectly timed to give as gifts on Hanukkah. The campaign can be found on Kickstarter or at

The Jewish Wisdom Ball is produced by Unusual Accomplishments, LLC.

The Magic 8 Ball® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. and is used for comparison purposes only; the Jewish Wisdom Ball is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mattel, Inc.

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