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“Carpenter ants will hollow out sections of wood to create “galleries” Damp, dead woods, but can easily infest wooden infrastructure within the home.Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood; if left untreated carpenter ant infestations can become ve”
Carpenter Ants are controlled through the application of insecticides and sprays in various forms. liquid concentrates, baits, dusts, and foams.Some products for carpenter ant control that are available in stores contain boric acid, an odorless, nonstaining powder that kills ants and other pests. The active mineral in boric acid has herbicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties.In controlling carpenter ants, boric acid can be a dry powder or a liquid insect bait solution.

What are the Big Black Ants that have invaded the home, building or other structures? It’s a safe bet to say that Carpenter Ants have landed and an infestation is not far behind.

How to know for sure is by identifying the carpenter ants problem:

Having a Carpenter Ant Infestation is not something that people would ordinarily think about. Not until that very moment when one or more of the pests have been spotted. Home or business owners are definitely targets for an army of big black carpenters to invade the property. The first thing to do is to positively identify the pests. In this world of social media there are many ways to send a picture to a professional Pest Control company for verification. Email is quick and easy.

What to expect once Carpet Ant Infestation is positively infiltrated the home or business:

If the choice is to submit a picture to a Pest Control professional, then expect a response with pertinent information to verify the findings. Also just make a phone call to a Pest Control company and describe the pest. At best it will be suggested that a sample be put into a ziploc bag to be identified upon arrival of the pest control professional. Carpenter ants may also be discovered during an inspection of a house or building that is up for sale. The real estate agent, at this point, should set up a pest control appointment to take care of the infestation both in and outside of the properties.

Common question is do Carpenter Ants really eat wood. The answer may be surprising to most people:

Carpenter ants actually do not eat wood. The nests are enlarged by the carpenter ants to make the nests bigger by tunneling into the wood, and causing it to weaken. Gnawing at the wood is what these pests do, and just as destructive as eating it.

It’s safe to say that most folks do NOT know what a lot of insects are for sure. That can be attributed to the fact of being unaware of different species. Such as Ants. Carpenter ants are large like the Queens, that are about 3/4 inch long. Workers can be anywhere from from 1/4-1/2 inch. Carpenter ants that have wings are the aces that fly to establish new colonies. There are several different colored carpenter ants found in the State of Washington. Some are black and red or all over black. The most common Carpenter Ant is black with reddish legs. If owner prefers to call in a professional pest control exterminator, then that leaves it up to the technician to identify the pest and search for the infestation. Remember the problem may be widespread around the home or structures.

Carpenter Ants do bite but not fatal. Unlessthere is an allergic reaction to the pests:

When the ants are bothered carpenter ants will bite in self defense. Because the ants are large the bite can potentially break the skin and is painful. Carpenter ants have a spray defensive mechanism consisting of a chemical formic acid. Which is sprayed into the bite wound that causes great pain. The Carpenter Ants also use this spray to fight off other kinds of ants and insects when threatened. The carpenter ants bite and this results in a lot of discomfort.

Finding the source is top priority. Locating allnesting areas of Carpenter Ants is crucial:

The Carpenter Ant infestation is responsible for a lot of damage to homes and structures through the nesting process. Because of the pests complex life cycle and nesting habits that is a huge threat to houses and buildings it’s time to contact a Pest Control Exterminator. An assessment needs to be done to locate the problem and a pest control work plan drawn up to exterminate the main colony. Most of all main colonies are found outside. But may also be found inside walls, in ceilings, below outdoor siding, in piles of wood by foundations. Also may be found near downspouts, gutters, within floors insulation. Yes it’s time to call AMPM Exterminators, an experienced and professional pest control company, to take care of the problem.

Call the Carpenter Ant Infestation of AMPM Exterminators

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