Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Former Fortune 100 Senior Executive Kelly Fidel Announces the 2016 No Glass Ceiling (R) Global Women’s Conference

Creating phenomenal success for women, Kelly Fidel’s No Glass Ceiling is unlike any other breakthrough business and lifestyle event in any industry. The conference has a global presence in 38 countries in just 3 years.
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Kelly Fidel has navigated the world of corporate deal-makers and boardrooms, successfully negotiating against some of the most powerful men in the world. Yet in the world of business, Kelly saw too many women and men struggle in their lives—both personally and professionally—watching individuals let their REAL dreams, hopes, and desires become a faded memory. She knew she had found her calling.

Though it took nearly 20 years for her dream to become a reality, identifying that need and implementing real change for entrepreneurs was her dream, goal, and desired legacy. Out of that passion for helping others unlock their true potential, No Glass Ceiling —the first and only global conference designed by a former Fortune 100 Senior Executive—was finally born.

“Women have this idea of a glass ceiling. My belief is that this supposed glass ceiling needs to be shattered. In fact, it does not exist. It’s merely a perceived barrier” explains Fidel.

Committed to creating a difference for all entrepreneurs, Fidel worked to develop the “winning formula” that she now shares during her No Glass Ceiling events worldwide. Taking her own insider secrets and strategies from 28 years as a powerhouse corporate executive running billion dollar sales divisions, Kelly strives to create a level playing field for business professionals who want to take their earnings to their highest potential.

“Through the No Glass Ceiling brand, I am able to help women fearlessly break through barriers to create successful empire,” states Fidel.

Speakers at No Glass Ceiling events have featured Jeron Mastrud, former NFL player turned Founder and CEO of Pacific Neuro Therapy; Com Mirza, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Philanthropist; Thomas Blackwell of Infusionsoft; Nicholas Kusmich of Facebook Advertising; Jennie Cwikla, Master Sports Nutritionist; and Dr. Betty Uribe of California Bank & Trust; among many others.

The 2016 No Glass Ceiling event will take place in San Diego, California on September 30 – October 2, 2016. For details about the event visit

KELLY FIDEL: Award-winning entrepreneur Kelly Fidel is a business turnaround expert and sales strategist. She provides high performance coaching for highly driven people. Named “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year,” she is a professional speaker, author, and die-hard football mom.

As Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling, Kelly has emerged as a premier expert on women, money, personal development and landing lucrative high-paying clients. She has spoken at over 3,000 events and workshops while building million dollar businesses from scratch.

Her clients include visionary entrepreneurs, professional athletes, The National Football League, Mercedes Benz, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Staples Center, Transamerica, Assurant and many, many more. Kelly has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Fox, CNN and over 150 powerful media partners.

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