Prestige Towing Now Offers Motorcycle Towing Services

Motorcyclists who frequent the roads of Ottawa are just as much in need of towing services as automobile drivers. Now, through Prestige Towing, they can receive professional quality motorcycle towing services anywhere in the Ottawa area.

With these new services, Prestige Towing wants to help meet the needs of the community of Ottawa. Ottawa is home to many motorcyclists as well as automobile drivers, and these drivers need to be able to call for help and receive the services that are designed for them.

Motorcycle towing is not like automobile towing. Differences in the type and size of the vehicle are just a few of the ways in which these services differ. In offering motorcycle towing in Ottawa, Prestige Towing has established top-of-the-line services with well-trained professional towing technicians. Each technician is specially trained in motorcycle towing so that any bike driver who calls can be properly cared for.

There are several reasons why these services are particularly useful to motorcycle drivers. First, a motorcycle is not like a car and cannot be towed the same way. While a tow dolly or flatbed can safely tow a vehicle even great distances, special equipment is necessary for motorcycles due to their two wheels. A wheel cradle and safety straps or rails are used to secure the bike in place for safe transport. The last thing a motorcycle owner wants is for the bike to be damaged or destroyed due to poor handling or a poor tow job by an unqualified individual.

Another reason why motorcycle drivers need motorcycle towing services is that they might not be able to drive their bikes on their own. Whether you find yourself a little intoxicated on a Friday night or you’re relocating and you need to move two vehicles, a motorcycle towing technician can move your bike for you. Accident removal or a need for repairs may also lead to a quick phone call for Prestige Towing motorcycle towing. There’s no reason why you should have to handle those difficult situations on your own.

“We’ve seen too many motorcycle drivers struggle to independently deal with difficult or even dangerous situations,” says company executive Samuel Knuit. “No matter how well you know your bike, you simply don’t have the equipment or training to safely tow it without calling our professional technicians. This is exactly why we want to be here – to give service that’s desperately needed and to offer it at competitive market rates.”

The company also offers other valuable policies to benefit Ottawa drivers. These include 24-hour availability, honest pricing, and a guaranteed 30-minute arrival time. It is a relief for a motorcyclist who unexpectedly needs a tow to be able to call Prestige Towing any time of day or night and receive quick, efficient services for a fair rate.

Prestige Towing is located at 2487 Baseline Road in Ottawa. To call for towing services or to find out more about Prestige Towing’s roadside assistance, emergency towing, car lockout services, and other auto towing services, call (613) 319-0954 or visit

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