1940’s Gas Station Turned Art Gallery on the Mendocino Coast!

Unique Venue Will Feature Local Art, Antiques, and a Museum of Caspar’s History

CASPAR, CA – 9/20/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Caspar Curiosities, a rustic boutique and art gallery in a historic setting, will highlight local and touring artists on a seasonal basis.  When it opens its doors, the boutique will allow artists to rent shelf space to showcase and sell their work. 

Assemblage Artist and founder, Rachael Victoria Adams, saw the vision of what this 1940’s gas station could become. 

The town of Caspar gets a lot of traffic from tourists and locals from the various events at both the Caspar Inn and the Caspar Community Center which is located across the street.  The gallery is situated a few miles between the tourist destinations of Mendocino and Fort Bragg along California’s scenic Highway 1.  

“It would be great to have a new creative space in our community,” said Caspar resident Michelle Noe.

Having struggled with her own career as an artist, Adams’ passion is to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their work, gain exposure, and create a good income. 

“Ever since I was 8 years old, I’ve always dreamed of owning a gallery,” said Adams. “I was introduced to antiques by my uncle, and found myself intrigued by art, antiques, and vintage items that have a function.” 

“Rachael believes that artists need to be supported,” said her mother Robyn Gropper Adams. “Usually they can create beautiful art but they’re not good at sales.”

“Since Rachael was raised by two parents that excelled in sales, she has a natural ability to sell.” said stepdad Vincent Perrotti. “She found her dream. She can help other artists, and serve her community.”   

Who doesn’t like to stumble upon a quaint out of the way place on their daily jaunt while on vacation?  “People are always knocking on the door of our building to see if we’re open yet,” admitted Adams. “Once we open, it will help the entire community by creating more income for its residents.”

When Adams purchased the building last February, it was in considerable disrepair.  She has been working on its restoration and needs more resources for the final rehabilitation of the boutique area, roof repairs, painting the front facade of the building, and a security system. She will also be purchasing glass showcases and LED lighting to display the work of the artisans. She’ll be focusing primarily on these areas so she can open the doors and begin generating an income that will later be applied towards the restoration of the art gallery. Her goal is to open the gallery portion of the building in the Spring of 2017.

Adams launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for the restoration project and is currently accepting donations. Pledgers will receive gifts for their contributions. To learn more about this project and to donate, go to www.CasparCuriosities.com 

If you’d like more information about the Caspar Curiosities Project, or to schedule an interview with Rachael Victoria Adams please email Rachael@CasparCuriosities.com

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