‘Dark Brown lies’ the true story of victimization and harassment by UPS management.

‘Dark Brown lies’ is a book written based on the true life story of Ms. Debbie Simpson, an accomplished Aircraft Maintenance Technician that worked for UPS and the consequences she faced for standing up and speaking out against harassment within the company.

United Parcel Service, one of the “most admired companies” in America. Duping the public into believing that they are just, righteous and fair is their greatest masterpiece of all time. Not only that but they also claim that discrimination is a thing of the past and women are welcome anywhere in the company. But unfortunately, it turns out to be their greatest fraud and their biggest lie.

The shocking true story in this book is about a female aircraft maintenance technician that worked for one of the most powerful companies in America and the consequences she faced for standing up and speaking out against harassment within the workplace. The consequences were: employee entries, warning letter(s), retaliation, intimidation, suspension, the constant threat of termination and termination. The relentless retaliation droned on for years and it did not stop until Debbie Simpson could no longer safely perform the job she dearly loved. In this book, Debbie exposes the hardships she faced at UPS while doing this so-called “mans” job. Ms. Simpson can attest to the egregious retaliation foisted on her by those “in charge.” She has undeniable proof that UPS lied under oath – on more than one occasion – to cover-up their crimes. As you turn the pages and follow Debbie on her journey through the last ten years of her employment nightmare with UPS, you should remember that everything they did to Ms. Simpson, they did with absolute impunity. Harassment and retaliation weren’t their biggest crimes – lying about it was. United Parcel Service – A corporation hell bent on silencing her voice at all costs.

“The type of unethical behavior, retaliation and lack of integrity described in the book is commonplace at UPS. UPS claims integrity and no retaliation are at the foundation of UPS. When in fact, it is the opposite. It is a severe injustice that Ms. Simpson’s career was taken from her. If you don’t go along to get along at UPS; the Big Brown Machine will run you over, crush you and leave you shattered.” A reader of this book said.

This book is available on Amazon and distributed in USA only. Grab a copy of this book before it’s too late! To purchase this book, please go to https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Brown-Lies-Debbie-Simpson/dp/0989650103/ . Remember, ‘This is the Book UPS doesn’t want people to read.’

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