Apartment-Security.com Launches Nationwide

September 20, 2016: Home security is a concept that is generally conceived for the homeowners. However, Apartment-Security.com has changed this ages old thought and has brought a whole new product for the security of apartment renters. Apartment-Security.com is dedicated to eradicating obstructions to home and life security for all those Americans who for so many years were left defenseless at risk simply because they lived in an apartment.

Apartment-Security.com is a gift for the 30% of the American population that lives in apartments nationwide. With over a decade of experience in the home security industry, CEO Steven Hayes had seen it all and in 2013, he decided to bring security to the apartments of America. The old-fashioned home security packages with their complex equipment and installations along with the overpriced long term contracts were simply not accessible to the people who rented apartments.

All Apartment-Security.com systems come pre-programmed and are self installed. They are reasonably priced, and the equipment is designed specifically to protect the apartment and people living in it. There are no screws, drilling or holes involved in the installation, and it is not only advanced but also safe and effective.

For more information, visit www.apartment-security.com

“A security system is only as good as its monitoring center. That’s why Apartment-Security.com’s Monitoring’s UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified, and FDNY Approved monitoring center is built, staffed and maintained to meet or exceed the stringent standards of security, reliability and customer service.” Says home security expert, Stephen Farley. The security system is easy to install and can be monitored remotely via smartphone. It does not need any phone line and is entirely wireless. Moreover, it has police, medical and fire monitoring round the clock. This state of the art system gives the user an ultimate experience of peace and satisfaction.

Website: http://www.apartment-security.com

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