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September 20, 2016: From background checks to cheating partner investigations, all kinds of private investigation services are being provided by Justice Private Investigations, Inc. The agency caters to all kinds of private investigations and legal support for their clients and is one of its kind in the United States. When the attorneys and their clients are captured by disputes of domestic, civil, or criminal cases, JPI is always there to provide assistance for private investigation in order to dig the truth in the case.

The services offered by JPI include background checks and investigations, divorce issues, investigations to find out if one of the partners in the relationship is cheating or not, matters of child custody and visitations, cohabitations investigations, run away cases, stalking investigations, undercover investigations and a lot more. Other matters including the investigations on due diligence, e-discovery, background investigations, surveillance services, locating witnesses and defendants, asset discovery and recovery, document recovery, witness interview (depositions), expert testimony, computer and cell phone forensics, heir searches and process serving are also offered by Justice Private Investigations.

JPI is a licensed agency with an experience of more than 16 years. Chris Castorena, the Founder, and CEO of JPI, has been a successful international corporate trainer for some of the largest investigation and security companies around the world. Chris uses his 16 years of knowledge, experience, and contacts for his clients locally, nationally, and internationally. He founded JPI to help people find the truth with their investigations worldwide.

“Our vision is to help clients in their hardest hours with our experience, training, and our hi tech equipment.  Here at JPI we provide you the client with fast, accurate, and cost effective solutions available to achieve a successful investigation.” Just as stated on the website of Justice Private Investigations, Inc at JPIworld.com. The agency provides free investigation consultation and a full range of investigative services with expert male and female investigators. The agency also has a great track record and has received a great number of certifications, training, and licenses over the years. With three offices in Arizona, one in Idaho, and various satellite locations to come internationally in 2016 and 2017, the agency caters to clients from all across the world.

Website:       http://www.jpiworld.com     800-933-0901     PI Lic # 16592557

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