New Book by Author Aaron Hendon Reveals How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent

September 20, 2016, Seattle, WA, United States- Real estate specialist and author Aaron Hendon is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of his new book “Don’t Get Fooled Again” that contains practical techniques and serves as a guideline on avoiding the wrong real estate agent.

According to author Aaron Hendon, “It never ceases to amaze me that the overwhelming majority of people – 85% by most counts – will use the very first Realtor they meet to buy or sell the single most expensive thing they are ever going to own. This makes no sense to me. This dynamic sets up a situation where Realtors simply need be fast, friendly and sound competent to win business – they don’t need to be good at their jobs because nobody is asking them about their actual performance. Even when people do interview agents they don’t ask the kinds of questions that would reveal the differences between agents. And given real estate, as an industry, has the lowest bar to entry of any profession, I think it’s shocking.”

In order to hire a real estate agent, it is important that sellers find someone that is professional, credible, trustworthy, experienced AND has a track record of success. Hiring an inexperienced, incompetent, or low performing real estate agent can cost sellers time and money. Hence, it becomes quite crucial to avoid a bad real estate agent at all costs.

To protect sellers from easily preventable problems with their real estate deals, Aaron Hendon has created some guidelines to follow, in order to avoid hiring a wrong real estate agent in his new book, “Don’t Get Fooled Again: An Insider’s Guide to the 7 Questions You MUST Ask to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent.”

Some of the issues treated in his book are:

• Why most people never bother to interview their real estate agent.

• Reasons why one should NOT bother interviewing their next real estate agent.

• How to tell if the Realtor is doing this as a hobby or profession.

• Why the way a seller’s next real estate agent gets his business matters to you.

• Do discount brokers save sellers money.

• What numbers must a seller know to make sure he does not hire the wrong agent.

•How a seller can be certain her home is priced right.

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About the Author

Aaron Hendon is an author, a speaker and a 2016 Rising Star Real Estate Agent winner in the Seattle market. He shares his success strategies with fellow investors and consumers. As a successful entrepreneur, and someone who as trained over 10,000 people,  Aaron Hendon is a role model to be followed. There are so many resources available today on and offline, but the problem with most of them is that they’re difficult to apply in a practical way. Aaron’s commitment is to provide practical and down to earth advice in his books and talks. Aaron Hendon is not just another money-minded entrepreneur, but someone who as committed his life to empowering and enabling people to get what they want in life. 

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