Taiwan Native brings her Career to the USA Playing a Leading and Critical Role Within the Jazz and Classical Music Industry

Lydia Yu-Lin Wang was born in a small city Changhua, which is located in the middle part of Taiwan, in 1989. When she was 4 years old, she joined a percussion ensemble class for kids. That was the very beginning of Lydia’s extravagant music adventure. When she was 6 years old, she started to play the piano. At the age of eight, she started to play violin and study in the music program in the local elementary school.

New York, New York-Lydia Yu-Lin studied  music all the way through elementary school to high school. During this period, she learned almost all the basic music theory, Harmony, Ear training, music history, chamber music, Orchestra, and of course- playing violin and piano.

She entered the university and study classical music performance. At the second year of her university life, she joined a gypsy jazz band and started to learn and play jazz for the first time, and she fell in love with jazz music. After she became a member of the gypsy jazz band, they played many gigs in Taipei city.

After one year, she felt that jazz music was so fascinating, so artistic, vibrant, and so inspirational her dreams focused on writing and playing her own original jazz tune in the future.

Applying to the prestigious Berklee College of music, she was accepted in 2011 with a scholarship. During her attendance at Berklee, Lydia, learn so many things about jazz music and improved her abilities to play jazz on her violin. After two semesters, she decided to peruse contemporary writing and production major.

Now Lydia is the leading arranger and composer for strings in contemporary styles such as jazz, bossa nova…etc. She has played a lead role in numerous orchestral performance and has been sought after many prominent individuals within the industry. Ms. Wang is at the top of her field and continues to gain critically acclaimed success for her astonishing talents within the jazz and classical, music industry.

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