PRWeb vs PR Newswire vs Easy Newswire: Results Revealed

PRWeb vs PR NewswirePASADENA, CA – 21 Sep, 2016 – What matters more to a press release client–the amount of journalists a press release distribution company can reach or the amount of those journalists who actually choose to syndicate your press release? Let us break down the facts to these popular press release distribution companies.

Easy Newswire offers their standard press release distribution service at $49. This package offers a guaranteed syndication to over 200 media sites and premium news organizations such as ABC, FOX, NBC, Bloomberg Business and the Associated Press. Their Premium package goes for $129 and advertised as having the smartest return on your investment in the industry. With this package, you are entitled to man additional features that the standard package lacks such as video embedding and upping your word count to 1000 words per press release. At $499, their Premium PRO package, offers media visibility to a large amount of various media outlets that the other two packages do not offer (global media sites, targeted offline media, journalistic broadcast, etc.).

PRWeb’s least expensive press release distribution package at $99 and yields about 75 media outlets. With their premium press release distribution package, you will be paying $369, which yields about 150 media outlets. The quality of PRWeb’s media outlets are described to be mediocre and does not provide any exact guaranteed number on how many media sites pick up your press release, nor do they provide any specific media sites.

PR Newswire provides a single press release distribution  service for $775 and yields about 350 media outlets. The media outlets from PR Newswire are of better quality than those of PRWeb, however, they do not exceed the quality from Easy Newswire. In actuality, about 80% of the media sites provided by both press release distribution companies are the exact same.

Ultimately, Easy Newswire and and PR Newswire offers the best quality of media sites and highest amount of media site syndication. The only difference between both press release distribution companies are their sticker prices. With Easy Newswire, you can save over $700 for yourself!

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