Small, lightweight, energy saving: JENETRIC presents new tenprint scanner for mobile fingerprinting

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LIVETOUCH quattro Compact offers the highest image quality for flat and rolled fingerprints while boasting a significant reduction in size and weight

Jena, Thuringia – September 21, 2016 – The supplier of the world’s smallest tenprint scanner has just raised the bar even higher by reducing the volume of their new device by an amazing 60%. The small brother of JENETRIC’s tenprint scanner LIVETOUCH® quattro will be presented by the German company at the Global Identity Summit in Florida.

LIVETOUCH quattro Compact is a dedicated offer for customers looking for a small tenprint scanner that can be integrated into portable or mobile devices. “We reduced the size, weight and energy consumption, and provide our customers with a tailor-made fingerprint scanner for portable identification kits and mobile devices”, says Roberto Wolfer, one of the founders and CEOs of JENETRIC. With the LIVETOUCH quattro Compact the tenprint scanner is no longer a significant contributor to the size of portable identification kits, which typically consists of other tools in addition to the fingerprint scanner, e.g. for recording biographical data, face recognition and for data transfer.

Thereby, the LIVETOUCH quattro Compact simplifies the mobile registration of individuals e.g. at border controls or of refugees.

LIVETOUCH quattro Compact records flat as well as rolled fingerprints with the highest quality and has been FBI-certified as a tenprint and FAP 60 device. Thanks to JENETRIC’s software Development Kit customers can enjoy all the advantages already available for the LIVETOUCH quattro, with its new smaller brother too. When required, innovative user guidance can be displayed via an external monitor. The very small size and the low weight the LIVETOUCH quattro Compact open new doors for device concepts and applications. “Our new product can be easily integrated into mobile devices and allows the capturing of not just two but four fingers in parallel. Therefore tenprints can not only be acquired much faster but also the risk of mixing fingerprints can be reduced significantly,” emphasizes Wolfer.

At Booth 507 at the Global Identity Summit JENETRIC presents from September 19 – 22 in Tampa, Florida, not only the latest product but also the LIVETOUCH quattro, recently certified for capturing rolled fingerprints by the FBI including several new features.

JENETRIC GmbH was founded in 2014 in Jena, Germany – a location famous for cutting-edge optical technology – by engineers with longtime experience in fingerprint technology and has specialized on the development on biometric systems. The multidisciplinary team includes hardware and software specialists as well as production and sales professionals. The company is financed by own resources of the team, a business angel and by the “Thuringian Grunderfond” as well as by the “High-Tech Grunderfonds”. The company follows in its product development a holistic approach clearly oriented on customer requirements – with the ambitious goal to improve living and working conditions by using biometric systems.

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