Texting Base Releases Industry Standard In Texting Compliance Features

The TCPA places requirements that govern business texting in the United States. Texting Base, Inc. created a suite of compliance features that empower companies to operate within the bounds of TCPA compliance.

Text marketing has been a source of controversy. Businesses recognize the power of texting and weigh the positives against the risks.  The risks can be significant if texting is done improperly. In fact, fines can reach $500 to $1500 per text message.

“We see a lot of people sitting on the sideline, afraid of making a costly mistake.  Most texting companies require that their customers manage the entire process manually outside of the texting software, which puts their business at tremendous risk.  We took a number of industry changing steps to help businesses err on the side of caution and work within the bounds of the TCPA,” CEO Eric Beans told an audience he was speaking with recently in Tampa, FL.

Texting Base built a number of compliance features to address regulatory and legal concerns.  The support starts immediately upon adding data.  Duplicate phone numbers are deleted to ensure no one receives the same text twice.  At upload, a message pops up to remind the user he or she cannot text people who have not given written permission. That’s when an opt-out message is generated to go out in conjunction with the first message.

People who respond “STOP” are permanently blocked from being reached unless they opt back in by typing “START.” All contacts who opt out can be viewed within the system.  Those who reply with anything other than “STOP” but ask to be removed can be opted out directly from the incoming message itself.   This is convenient and very user-friendly because recipients of a text don’t always follow specific instructions.

“Even if our customers delete their databases and try and upload the same contact accidentally, they will find that the previously “opted out” contact will remain blocked from receiving messages.” Beans explained.  “In addition, no contact can receive a duplicate message on the same day within the same group.  This level of artificial intelligence has not been applied to texting compliance but it is absolutely crucial to protecting people from accidentally making a costly mistake.”

Texting Base built a complete suite of software in order to complement its texting platform and give its customers an environment conducive to operating within compliance.

About Texting Base Inc.

Texting Base, Inc. is an SMS Marketing Automation Platform.  Texting Base, Inc. specializes in personalizing and scheduling group texts. The company was founded in 2012 and has headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

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