Tutoring Company Offering Economics Tuition In Singapore For O And A Levels

Newton, Singapore A tuition company in Singapore is offering economics classes for students taking O level and A level studies. The company, Bright Economics, is conveniently located in Novena. Students can register for classes and begin receiving their studies at any time. The tutoring company promises that their students always improve their performance after attending their classes.

“The extra lessons we provide will go a long way in improving your child’s scores in the exams,” says Joel, founder of Bright Culture Group. “We have seen students come to us after failing terribly in their exams. And after attending classes, they have come back to show us just how well their performance has improved. Such cases allow us to assure our clients that the lessons and notes we provide will drastically help to improve performance. Our classes are small and efficient, unlike school classes that have a high number of students per class. Our tutors are also excellent at what they do. This combination is what has made Bright Economics the number one place to go to for economics tuition.”

Joel further explains that the company understands very well that economics tuition in Singapore is not mandatory for one to achieve some good performance. Tuition can in some cases bog down students and take away any free time they have to themselves. However, he adds that two main factors make their service paramount in the region. For one, economics can be a very challenging subject in Singapore. This makes it okay for students to want a little extra help on top of the standard classes they are receiving in school. Two, he says that unlike in class where students might be shy to ask questions, their tutoring classes provide a more open space where students can better engage with their tutors. In addition to that, having just ten students per class allows each student to receive maximum attention from the tutor.

At the moment, they only hire experienced economics tutors at www.bright-economics.com.sg. Tutors that has over ten years experience in the field and has shown exemplary results in their previous teaching careers. They are easy-going, friendly, and fun to talk to during classes.

The classes at Bright Economics are carried out at various timings and they are looking to increase the number of locations. Students can also apply for one-on-one home classes if they wish to have the tutor all to themselves. Each package consists of 4 lessons, each running for two hours. The A Levels tuition fee is $380. Fees for one-on-one classes can be provided upon application/request. For more information, contact the company via the details provided below.

Company NAP

Bright Economics is located at 201B Thomson Road, in Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307637. The company can be reached via phone at +6598806272, or from their company website, www.bright-economics.com.sg

Media Contact
Company Name: Bright Economics
Contact Person: Joel
Email: admin@bright-economics.com.sg
Phone: +6598806272
Address:201B Thomson Road
City: Goldhill Center
Country: Singapore
Website: www.bright-economics.com.sg