Rock This Way: First Book Of AZ Rock Series

M.D. Davis: Arizona Based Author Makes Her Writing Debut

September 22, 2016 – Arizona based author Melissa Davis makes her writing debut with Rock This Way. The book is the first addition to the AZ Rock Series and is available for sale on Kindle and Amazon for only $3.99. Davis wrote the song Rock This Way Jawline for this book it is on iTunes, Amazon and Google play.  The song she wrote was an exciting addition to this book so the readers can hear their favorite band play. Each book in the series will have its own song. Davis writes the lyrics and her good friend Ricky Bendel transforms them into music.

Davis is married for the past 31 years. She got married to her high school sweet heart. Moreover, she has raised three amazing daughters that are all grown up. She lives in small town in North West Arizona. Writing is her hobby and Rock This Way is the first project of hers. The book is categorized in romance and target market of the book is the mature audience, and it has a content warning that makes it recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual content and language.

The Rock Band Diligence Jairo, Tate, Laken and Canyon are all set to take the readers on an adventure that is going to be unforgettable. The journey will be rocking and rolling.  The story is full of sex, jealousy, and love. Hoalitas (groupies) that hang out with the band and a new maid Yakara that they paid forty grand to go on tour with them. Jairo has eye’s for Yakara. The readers will see if the Rocker gets the girl. The book has received all positive five star ratings on Amazon and is expected to be a record breaker.


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