Green Technology at the Best Crown Point Dry Cleaners in Indiana

Ziker Cleaners has been serving Michiana since 1917. Ziker Cleaners has 8 convenient locations in South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger and Elkhart. FREE right to your door home pick-up and delivery service. For the best in dry cleaning and shirt laundry visit Ziker Cleaners. Visit for more details.

There are ordinary run-of-the-mill dry cleaners and then there are the best, technologically efficient, and environmentally friendly Crown Point dry cleaners in Indiana that anyone can trust to deliver only the best, safest, and most effective dry cleaning services for any kind of fabric or article of clothing. In fact, what really separates these companies, like Ziker Cleaners, from the rest of aspiring dry cleaner companies is their use of green technology.

Using environmentally friendly technologies in dry cleaning is not at all brand new. The concepts have been in existence for many years now. Unfortunately, only a handful of Crown Point cleaners have fully embraced the use of non-hazardous and environmentally sane systems and processes to help in their dry cleaning activities. For example, Ziker Cleaners have patented a green technology it calls the Green Touch System, which allows them to employ three novel ideas that take care of the cleaning component of their dry cleaning services without introducing harmful chemicals and substances to the environment. These ultra-safe cleaning methods guarantee that you will not only have fresh-smelling and brand new-looking garments, you will also be contributing to the overall protection of the environment for future generations.

Crown Point laundry companies like Ziker Cleaners emphasize the importance of taking care of the environment in every cleaning process. They use innovative technologies like the Solvon K4 cleaning system as well as the Green Earth dry cleaning solution to help make sure that no harmful chemical or substrate residue is left on your garments which can leach out into the environment. These two unique green technology solutions allow Ziker Cleaners to fulfill its mission of providing high quality and environmentally responsible dry cleaning services to all of its clients in Crown Point, Indiana. That is why whenever someone needs a dry cleaning delivery in Crown Point, In., Ziker Cleaners is one of the most reliable especially when it comes to the use of green technology.

The best dry cleaning companies in Crown Point also use a wet clean process to help eliminate the need for harmful solvents in the cleaning of fabric materials. This technology only uses clean water to bring out the best in the garments being cleaned. Using water for cleaning doesn’t harm the environment as it doesn’t contain any chemical residues that may pollute ecosystems.

If you need a Crown Point clothing delivery or cleaning company, you simply need to choose one that uses green technology. It is one of the most sensible things you can do to help protect and preserve the planet for future generations. 

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