Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Can Help You Avoid Tax Fraud Scams

NEW YORK CITY, NY – 9/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Ian Leaf tax fraud expert is a slogan that many Chicago natives have grown to trust. He is CEO of the Ian Leaf Corporation that alerts thousands of people to scams each year. Each year there is an estimated $57.6 billion dollars in tax fraud. Tax season can be a very hectic time for individuals trying to file their taxes and even more complex for businesses. Ian Leaf’s information hits home on the many tax scams that are committed annually to help millions of people avoid being duped. More importantly, recovering from the identity theft of tax fraud can be time consuming and costly.

Major Tax Fraud Scams

Preparer Fraud

The federal government admits that the bulk of all tax fraud that costs the most for taxpayers is preparer fraud. An unscrupulous preparer files incorrect information or defrauds the filer. Ian Leaf and the government alike encourage filers to deal with an accredited tax professional or corporation. During income tax time a lot of independent tax companies open and should be giving strict consideration if you’re not familiar with their business. The government has placed stiff penalties on tax preparer fraud to protect the filer, the public, and the U.S. Treasury Department from losing billions of dollars.

Individual Tax Fraud

A lot of individuals file their personal taxes and commit tax fraud. Ironically, not all of it is intentional, but the majority of individual tax fraud filing is through identity theft of another individual’s identity. They file a false tax return for financial gain and sometimes it’s for multiple people. If these individuals are caught they receive harsh penalties from the government including restitution. Often times, the victim of identity theft are aware of who stole their identity. Reports have shown it can be a stranger, a friend, or family member.

Ian (Andrews) Leaf is the number one tax fraud scam expert in Chicago. His goal is to educate millions of people on the multiple types of identity theft. Ian believes when people know what to look for they can avoid tax fraud scams. Thousands of people going through an IRS audit because of the high number of tax fraud cases received annually. Ian is there to help individuals avoid thousands of scams since 1996. Ian Leaf Corporation is a name that thousands of people can trust to avoid a scam.

If you’ve been a victim of tax fraud or would like more information on how to avoid a tax scam you’re encouraged to visit the official Ian Leaf Corporation website for more details. He has a comprehensive list of scams that plagued Chicago residents and that can benefit millions of victims around the country. You can avoid having your good faith name damaged with the IRS. Protect yourself with a tax fraud expert that specializes in thousands of known cases and victim reports. Tax filing doesn’t have to be a nightmare with a professional tax fraud consultation from Ian Leaf.

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