Illustra Distribution Welcomes \”Jazz Great\” Kirk Wilson to the Illustra Family.

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Illustra Distribution is proud welcome Jazz Great “Kirk Wilson to the Illustra Distribution Family and the announcement of his highly anticipated album ” My Love” scheduled to be released on all Major Distribution Outlets.

“When I Perform I Feel Like An Ambassador for American Music” said Kirk Wilson.

“Kirk Wilson is The New Era Of Jazz” said Robin Carter Carter Management.

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About Kirk Wilson

Kirk Wilson is a professional musician and entertainer from Louisiana. He currently performs throughout the USA, ASIA and Europe. With a wide range of talent, he’s also quite a studio musician and producer.  As a singer, Wilson has a unique baritone voice in this ever – changing world of music. By maintaining a grand sense of awareness in making good music, he is able to communicate the essence of what his sound is to his audience with a subtle and humble attitude. Along with simple, sing – along melodies within complex compositions, there is a freshness of style that allows him to have a special sound that doesn’t blend in, but stands out.

Beginning as a young child on the guitar at age 7, Kirk was strongly influenced to play jazz guitar by the sounds of George Benson spilling through the walls of his brother’s bedroom. Fervently cultivating his musical skills, his parents raised him in church and brought him into their gospel group “The Bells of Harmony” at the tender age of 9. To continue his development, his parents bought an organ. As he grew into playing guitar, Kirk recalls, “My grandfather (who was also a multi-musician) would often times give me multiple guitar and organ lessons throughout the day”. Later tipping into his high school choir room during recess, he found even more inspiration on the piano. In his senior year, he was recruited into the High School Symphonic and Marching Bands where he learned the Tuba in about 2 weeks! 

Wilson received a full scholarship to attend Southeastern Louisiana University. As a music major, he studied the Tuba and Euphonium with Dr. David C. McCormick, Guitar from Dr. Karen White, Piano from Dr. David Evenson and Mrs. Gretchen Magee (who also taught Bill Evans), Percussion from Herman Jackson, Jazz Studies from Alvin Batiste while at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA where he continued his education. Through association with his mentor, Mr. Alvin Batiste, he also studied with Mr. Ellis Marsalis.

Studying artists such as Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and George Benson, he established the foundation of his style. Wilson later performed with certain Grammy winning Professional Jazz, R&B, Country and Gospel Artist…to list a few: Dizzy Gillespie, Carmen McRae, Alvin Batiste, Ed Perkins, The Williams Brothers, The Canton Spirituals, Luther Barnes, Lee Williams, The Mississippi Mass Choir, Kurt Carr, and a host of other live and studio recording projects. Later thereafter, Kirk also performed on episodes on “The Bobby Jones Gospel Show” a national television music program on BET. 

After moving to California, Kirk Wilson also enjoyed studio session time in Burbank Studios with contributions to the Filmscore of the Motion Film Semi Pro™ starring actor, “Will Farrell”, The Nationally Syndicated TV Show “Girlfriends”, a few short films and a host of nationally televised TV commercials. Wilson also has shared studio time and/or stage with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Shanice Wilson, Norman Connors, Ray Parker, Jr., Ricky Lawson, The 1500 or Nothin’ Band, and too many more here to list. While performing throughout the USA, Asia and Europe, Kirk Wilson also performs three to four days per week at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Based in Newport Beach, CA, Wilson was a featured entertainer and interviewed for an article in “Orange Coast Magazine”, a major magazine in Southern California. This talented musician unlocks the secret to convey a positive and winning message to anyone who has a heart to hear and an ear to listen. 

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