Healthy Living, Bikinis and Rebranding Brings a Podcast Launch to NPEE in Baltimore This Week

CEO co-hosts Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein discuss rebranding and building a massive online presence for your business with millennial entrepreneur and BikiniLuxe Founder Candice Galek in new podcast to air on Thursday.

Do bikinis belong on LinkedIn? When is the right time to rebrand? Newly rebranded business podcast Brand Aid tackles those topics and more in the latest episode available on Thursday, September 24th via and iTunes. This week, Fusco and Morgenstein will be promoting the show and meeting with brand executives to create new business opportunities at the Natural Products Expo East 2016 held from September 22nd-24th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rebranding is a chance for companies big and small to retell their brand story to consumers in a relevant, new way. This episode of Brand Aid helps companies determine the best ways to reinvent their brand in addition to creating a powerhouse online presence and understanding the numbers behind campaign results.

“Candice is an absolute genius for any company that is being out spent or out gunned in any industry. She took on an industry and a social media platform (LinkedIn) and built an iconic brand,” said CelebExperts CEO and co-host Evan Morgenstein.

Morgenstein and Fusco will be providing real brand aid to companies this week at the Natural Products Expo East. The duo have combined to offer potential partners their expertise in celebrity and direct response marketing stemming from over 2 decades of experience in successful brand building. Morgenstein also recently completed his #50for50 weight loss journey, losing 50 pounds at age 50 in an effort to “rebrand” his own life.

The CelebExperts & Synergixx team are currently inviting startups and established brands to reach out via email to schedule a conference call or on-site meeting to talk with the team at this year’s Natural Products Expo East.

Listen to the latest episode of Brand Aid this Thursday on iTunes or by visiting and contact CelebExperts today to set up an introductory conference call or meeting to discuss potential partnerships for future traditional and social media marketing campaigns.

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