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Poor indoor air quality is the No.4 biggest environmental threat in the US. It’s time to understand the importance of an indoor air purifier and learn how filterless could contribute more……

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Without food, a person could survive 10-day; without water, a person could survive 3-day, without air, a person could not stand even for 3-minute. That’s how important of air to lives. The average person inhales over 3500 gallons of air each day. So you could understand how air quality relates to our health.

According to recent CBS News report, air pollution dangerously high for almost half of US. There are about 26 million Americans have asthma, and over 7 million are children.

American Lung Association has also reported “State of the Air”. Here’s the report for the year of 2015. If you would like to look up the air quality of your city, check the following link:

The city air pollution is raising more awareness, how about our home and office? We spent 90% of our time indoor, thus the indoor air quality is more important to our health. You might be surprisingly found out that your indoor air quality is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air quality. There are many pollutants could affect your indoor air quality, e.g. asbestos, bacteria and viruses, building paint products, cooking, carpet, dust mite etc…Amazingly poor indoor air quality is No. 4 biggest environmental threat in the US. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to diabetes, asthma, allergies, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, respiratory infections, and more.

What could we do to improve our indoor air quality? Opening window frequently to exchange more fresh air is an option. Air purifier is another option. The tradition air purifier is composed of a HEPA filter and a fan. The HEPA filter works well to filter particles larger than 0.3microns, thus it is effective in removing pollutants, like pollen etc larger particles. The Blueair and IQair are good selling products on amazon. 

There has been very few innovation in the air filtration field since 1940’s when HEPA was discovered. In an recent report by Silicon Valley air expert, they claimed their Ionic Wind air filtration product could filter particles down to 10nm, which is much effective in removing bacteria, virus, odor etc. What is more worth noting, it is filterless. You only need wash it once every month. This will save quite some money and hassle of changing a HEPA. Normally, 1gram of particulates will consume about 10grams of HEPA. HEPA is composed of paper and fibers, which is barely recyclable. So using HEPA we cleaned our home but we put quite some burden on earth. With the filterless solution, it seemed that we could get out of this dilemma.

The above photo shows users are washing their collecting plates of the ionic wind air purifier. Imagine if the air purifier does not clean it, it’s our lungs to suck it. This amazing “filterless” air purifier, Airdog X5 is live on Indiegogo. If you are interested in this green technology, why don’t try being the early bird?

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