Web 20 Acquires LCT Press’s Bulk SEO Press Release Service

Hanover, PA – Web 20 Ranker, a company known for their agency quality wholesale SEO services, has recently announced that they will be launching a high quality press release service in addition to their other SEO services and systems. This new service launch is following the company’s acquisition of the press services of their affiliate company, Local Client Takeover. The company will continue to offer their wholesale SEO services, including IFTTT SEO Networks, Social Accounts, White Label SEO and link building optimization.

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, there are a number of companies on the rise that are devoted to helping businesses succeed in a market that is increasingly focused on online traffic. Because most consumers are choosing to research and even purchase products and services online, it’s important for local companies to have a strong online presence that allows their potential clients to find them easily using search engines like Google. SEO, or search engine optimization, plays a key role in helping businesses reach the first page of Google, where local residents can easily locate them. While there are many facets of digital marketing for a business to consider, there is no denying that press releases are important for local businesses looking to succeed online.

More and more consumers are turning to online news resources to catch up on current events and learn about local businesses than ever before, only adding to the importance of press releases in digital marketing. Social media is an increasingly popular form of public relations, through which companies promote their brand awareness and general marketing campaigns. Press releases are now more visible than ever to a company’s local clients, and serve to increase brand awareness, promote new products, expand public knowledge, and more.

“As social media takes the forefront of public relations online, the importance of press releases continues to expand,” quotes Nicole Parker, the company’s new press release manager. “Whether you need to promote a new product or service, improve your brand image, or if you just want a more interesting way to announce something about your company, a press release is an affordable way to make it happen. Unlike traditional press releases, online releases can include images and links that increase interest and direct readers to additional information about your company and services. And because press releases are published on the web, your release is instantly viewable worldwide in a convenient fashion, and even runs the chance of going viral and creating a level of interest in your business that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional release.”

Web 20 Ranker, an SEO company providing White Label SEO, link building optimization, wholesale SEO, and more, has recently announced that they will be acquiring the press release service of their affiliate company, Local Client Takeover. This powerful tool is just one in the company’s list of top SEO services designed to help businesses reach the first page of Google for local searches in their area, helping them connect with potential clients. The press release service will be an affordable way for local businesses to announce new services and products, promote their brand awareness, and provide additional information about their company to consumers. Press releases play a key role in helping businesses promote online, which becomes more important as many companies begin to focus on social media and other online sources for public relations.

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