Horror Comedy Film “Detour” Boasts Some of Australia’s Top Acting and Production Talent

For writer-director, Michael Egan, finally making his horror comedy “Detour” has been a passion project decades in the making. This utterly engaging and original independent film focuses on the twisted relationship between Frank and his murder victim Ann.  Despite Ann’s inability to remain deceased and Frank’s undeniable desire to repeatedly murder her, Frank and Ann fall in love. While removing a curse bestowed on the couple by a demonic wallet that transforms itself into the devilish Nybbas, the two engage in a battle royale that is equal parts sex, bloody murder and black magic.

“Detour” promises to be a breakout independent film that will satisfy lovers of 80’s slasher flicks as well as those who enjoy a hilarious bloodbath.  Starring Australian film stars Joy Smithers (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), Barry Duffield (“Spartacus”), and Roger Ward (“Mad Max”), “Detour” is written and directed by Michael Egan who has helmed other major projects like “Love in the First Degree.” He will be drawing on the impeccable talents of others like Director of Photography Robert Agganis and Costume Designer Hanna McNicole.

Feature film “Detour” should be a fun, memorable horror comedy that film lovers everywhere will enjoy, but it needs your help to get made. Michael Egan has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure the initial $50,000 needed to shoot the film.  If you back this campaign, you can get valuable perks like T-shirts, posters, caps, on-set lunch, screening with cast and crew, movie download, Executive Producer credit, or full access to production as a film producer.

To learn more about “Detour” or to make a donation, please visit https://goo.gl/VCNr76

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