New YeeHa! App Identifies Time Periods that Favor Financial Windfalls

For thousands of years, many of the most important people and cultures have looked to the stars for guidance about important decisions.  Even in today’s science-driven society, there are strong correlations between certain astrological signs and highly rewarding financial events.  Few people have recognized these hidden relationships, but author and financial wizard Khit Wong has investigated this matter thoroughly.  Using his intimate knowledge of astrology and financial success, Khit Wong has developed a new app called YeeHa! that can help users determine their own personal schedule for success.

YeeHa! is currently in development, but will enable users to identify when their astrological signs are aligned for financial reward.  The app will then alert the user from 30 to 180 minutes before that period so that they can take the appropriate financial action. While YeeHa! does not guarantee an enormous monetary windfall, it helps users recognize those periods when the likelihood—up to 50% higher—for success is increased.

Khit Wong is the author of two popular books that describe his proprietary system and how he has used it to accrue profits from gambling, sports betting and stock trading.  He has already developed another highly successful app called Ephemeris Alarm, but YeeHa! is a much more sophisticated and powerful fortune predictor.

Khit Wong is not inviting the public to join him in the development and release of YeeHa! by financially supporting his Indiegogo campaign.  In return for backing this project, you may receive the YeeHa! app for iPhones or Android in early 2017, before the general public. 

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